You would assume that a cat would be a “happy” fuzzy pet when you introduce one to your household. Anyone who has ever owned a cat, on the other hand, understands how naughty and stubborn their feline companion can be. Who’d have guessed that behind their pretty and innocent expressions lurk demons up to no good? Your fantasy of sharp and friendly cats would, of course, be shattered.

They are, still, adorable, no matter how poor or strange they are. We all adore them and forgive them for even their most egregious errors. Here are few photos of people who wanted adorable cats but got troublemakers instead. Check out all of the hilarious pictures of mischievous cats by scrolling down!

Photo Credits: Pawsplanet




You may be able to find out these memes whether you possess a cat or reside with someone who does. Cats are proud creatures by birth, but they can never cease to amuse you with their entertaining means of getting around. They are ideal city pets for every family, adapting to any environment or individuals they contact. Cats tend to have all in their path, no matter what kind of household they reside in!

Any cat owner can warn you that cats will make your life a living hell at times, particularly when it comes to knocking over cups, scratching furniture, and leaving hair and tiny holes all over your house. They are, though, master manipulators who can persuade us to forgive them with a single look and the endearing “PRRT?” tone.





Allow these funny cat pictures to melt your hearts and make you laugh out loud. In the internet community, there’s a phrase that if you want anything to go viral, have a cat. Cats, indeed, seem to be everywhere. Cats are the kings of the world, from YouTube and Vines to Instagram and memes. It’s no secret that the internet has elevated cat mania to new heights. So what is it about cats that makes them so appealing? Their expressive face and body features, for example, make them the “ideal canvas” for human emotion. Furthermore, their erratic nature causes them to do unexpected acts, which often catch us off balance.

People make funny memes that perfectly capture what it’s like to live with a pet, inspired by their cats’ strange and cute acts.

With their fuzzy fur and gentle purring, cats, particularly obese cats, are among the best gentle creatures on the planet. These cats can seem to be overweight and need a diet, but they appear to be extremely cool, funny, and adorable. That’s why, whether you’re having a tough day or a lousy split, overweight cat pictures are still at the top of the list of cute cat memes that can make you laugh.





Cat memes are one of the most famous memes on the internet. When you look at the memes below, you won’t need an excuse to see why they’re so famous worldwide.



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