Love, pleasure, and a youthful sense of wonder have no age restrictions.

And while driving with his mother, who is 101 years old, Armand realized this to be true.

He was urged to pull over by his mother in the middle of nowhere. Even though Armand was a little taken aback, he could still get his camera out and capture his mother getting out of the car and into the snow.

What followed warmed millions of viewers’ hearts worldwide and Armand’s.


I believe that enjoyment can be had at any age. As you get older, That is something you must remember.

Most of the boundaries you set in your life are those you set for it; even when you’re old and gray, you may still wow an audience.

The reason this 101-year-old stopped was as straightforward as it was endearing: she just wanted to make snowballs and take advantage of the lovely winter weather.

It’s nice to witness this vibrant woman enjoying herself.

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Everyone should enjoy the life

Saving a bottle of wine while unwinding at the end of the day; is a simple pleasure. Playing with your kids or simply soaking up the sun, are you able to partake in them?

Or do you constantly think about what you should be doing in its place—like going for a run, composing an email, or organizing that closet?

According to recent research from the University of Zurich, short-term pleasure-giving activities increase overall satisfaction.

One of our main motivations is happiness. I ran a Google search for “how to be happy” to get an idea of how essential it is to us, and it produced almost 5 billion results! But we think, and society continues teaching us that chasing your dreams is the path to happiness.

This has turned us into slaves to our objectives, to the never-ending quest for better performance and increased productivity, and to the to-do lists we’ll never finish, causing more stress rather than enjoyment.

It holds us bound to a life of “should.” In this new study, participants were asked about their capacity to engage in transiently enjoyable activities “in various circumstances, and whether this is related to well-being.”

They discovered that when people can fully engage in an activity, it improves their overall well-being and makes them less prone to anxiety and depression.

However, those whose minds are constantly wandering to the objectives they aren’t pursuing cannot fully savor their enjoyable activity.

Remember this older woman who found so much life and joy in the snow the next time you want to yell at someone to drive faster or crank up the heat to a degree where gold will bake.

Many of us continue to act as though life is monotonous and lacking in excitement. Until we spend a fortune on transient ecstasies, we never truly feel like we are living.

This is why it’s crucial to make friends with senior citizens or develop a closer relationship with your grandparents.

They have experienced life at every stage by the time they are that old and are aware of what offers lasting happiness. Like this old mother, everyone can enjoy practically anything, including snow. Albina was 101 years old in 2015.

The sturdy woman, who could have passed for a 70-year-old, could be seen in the video carefully molding snow and leaning over to pick it up with her hands. Her smile was as radiant as sunshine, filled with excitement.

In 2018, he re-uploaded the old video as nostalgia. “That was mum playing in the snow three years ago today,” he wrote. She’s doing great at 104 right now. Can you picture it?

Everyone who takes life too seriously should see Mama Albina’s video. When old age sets in prematurely, you might not be able to use these opportunities as fully as you once could.

Enjoy your youth. Don’t hesitate to try new things, so take some time to enjoy the simple things.

Mama Albina just turned 105, but her son claims that she will always be young in spirit. We have a lot of fun. The family has been involved.

No indication of mental decline is present. Physical, certainly, but this particular time is not special to us.

These are more common and have been, but this struck a chord with everyone.

It most certainly did, as seen by the wonderful grandma gaining vigor from the snow. We wish that everyone could possess Albina’s radiant heart.


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