Family bonds are unbreakable, and a grandfather from Edinburgh, Scotland, showed his affection for his family touchingly. The 101-year-old delivered when his granddaughter needed someone to accompany her down the aisle.

The Grandfather of the Year honor belonged to a former soldier and retired doctor. William MacLean fulfilled the wish of a cherished family member despite his advanced age.

He was attending his grandchild Sarah Morson’s wedding in Manchester, England. The exhilaration of the day, nevertheless, was overcast with grief. Her father was absent when she said “I do” to the love of her life.

Her father had left the area.

Morson had the same fantasy as many young girls that her father would accompany her on her wedding day and lead her to the altar. Though he wasn’t. 11 years before she was prepared to make the lifelong commitment, her father died from cancer.


She invited her grandfather to do the honors and give her away in 2015 because she was fortunate to have another exceptional man in her life.

The grandfather’s pictures with his granddaughter on her wedding day were stunning and instantly went viral, receiving a lot of compliments.

Her Dreams Are Being Fulfilled

The granddaughter recalls her grandfather’s joy when she told him about her engagement because Morson and MacLean always had a close relationship. She, therefore, included him heavily in the major event. I adore him so much, she continued. We felt it would be joyful for him to anticipate because he was delighted when we got engaged.

Nothing could stop MacLean from honoring his granddaughter’s request, even though he had lost his wife in 2014 and was ill. In any circumstance, he would be by her side.

The proud grandmother of the man

After mustering all his power, the elegant granddad arrived at Whitfield’s Holy Trinity Church. He was at Morson’s service, similar to how he had served his country for many years.

MacLean was overjoyed to be a part of the amazing celebration and was dressed in his full military uniform and all his decorations. His granddaughter was thrilled to see him and was appreciative of his presence. “I could not be more proud of him,” she said. As a war hero and personally, he has dealt with a lot.

The granddaughter recalled how seriously MacLean took his part in the nuptials, giving her husband counsel and reminding him that she was now his responsibility.

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Their bond was strong.

Despite the distance between them, Morson frequently visited her grandfather. Because he liked holding hands, they always held hands when they were together. He made the observation that others frequently avoided older people.

MacLean had a valiant life, participating in the Normandy landings without displaying the slightest fear. Despite having color blindness, he had always wanted to be a pilot.

Nevertheless, he was incredibly proud of his productive military career. While MacLean’s desire to pilot an aircraft never came true, he did contribute to realizing his granddaughter’s ambitions.

The Online Reaction, The grandfather’s photos of his granddaughter on her wedding day were so lovely that they rapidly went viral and received many comments. The touching demonstration of genuine family love moved online users.

Famous people like comedian John Bishop even shared inspiring posts. MacLean received accolades from the online community as well, and for good reason:

“Stories like this warm your heart. We should hear more good news instead of only being told negative things. There must be plenty to celebrate that we’re not told about. A memory the bride will treasure forever and a very proud grandad.”

– (Eileen Oliver) July 26, 2015

“Congratulations Sarah on your wedding. Your grandfather must have been very proud to walk you down the aisle. I can see the special bond you have with him. Respect to your true hero, your grandfather, for his service during the war. Thank you for sharing your story.”

– (Patricia Marshall) July 24, 2015

“An amazing honor for your wedding day; I hope his attitude and long life pass to you and your family. Thank you, too, grandfather, for all you and your fellow military men and women did to allow us the many blessings we enjoy today. There is just no limit to our gratitude to you. God bless.”

– (Geri Connor) July 24, 2015

MacLean never let his granddaughter down, even while he was becoming older. Thank you for stepping up and taking over for her father; he deserves praise.

The story of a soldier who kept his word and fulfilled his grandchild’s desires may be found here. His participation in her wedding was significant, and the event occurred on schedule.

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