If you think you know everything, there’s a good chance you don’t know anything. Everything in the world has its secrets, which are sometimes revealed. This is especially true when these things try to look like something else as if they don’t know who they are and are sick of being themselves. Just think of these as jokes because we’re old enough to know they’re coincidences. Have fun and don’t worry too much.

  1. A tiny kitten came out of a tube of cream when I squeezed it out.

source: yum_disc / reddit

2. A Laughing Pumpkin! It’s weird!


source: lokigivesmeloves / reddit

3. A potato that was supposed to be a bird but turned out to be a potato.

source: OnionComb / reddit

4. A strange rock looks like an alligator skull.

source: LightningMcCree8 / reddit

5. A cucumber shaped like a swan.

source: Cheesy_tomato / reddit

6. Salmon or Beets? I was lost for a while!

source: fallout114 / reddit

7. It looks like a small fighter, but it’s a moth.

source: Bri_Banana / reddit

8. The chimneys’ shape looks like two men are in a castle.

source: Sentient_oaktree / reddit

9. A navel pierced and a grandmother who isn’t happy.

source: taykaybo / reddit

10. Is This a Potato or a Rock? This is a question that needs a wise answer.

source: NightBoat86 / reddit

11. You’ll never find out who is listening in on you. Because ears are everywhere, you might not even notice where they are!

source: Proxima_Centauri_C / reddit

12. Spiders can hide by looking at things around them.

source: wheresmy_vodka / reddit

13. This plant makes me want to join a cult.

source: 8Hz / reddit

14. Kiwi Bird Trying To Grab a Green Yummy.

source: crybz / reddit

15. Jupiter’s Shadow in a Dirty Drop! Do You Believe It?

source: caligarelinquo / reddit

Believe it or not, our everyday lives are full of things that are hard to understand. If we pay more attention and use our imaginations, we might see things that look like other things, either by accident or on purpose. Geology is also at work in some other things, making strange scenes that only science can explain. Bright Side thinks that Mother Nature is one of the best jokers in the world. Here are some of her most exciting creatures and natural events that can easily trick us with how they look.

Everything has its secrets that are sometimes revealed. This is especially true when they try to look like something else as if they don’t know who they are or are tired of being themselves. Just think of all of these as jokes because we’re old enough to know that they’re just random things that happened simultaneously. Have fun and don’t be too worried.

Nature has many things to offer, like sights and animals that look like one thing but are something else. This is called “camouflage” when it comes to animals and helps prey and predators stay hidden. Camouflage, also known as “cryptic coloration,” is a way for organisms to hide their appearance, usually blending in with their surroundings. Organisms use camouflage to hide where they are, what they are, and how they move. This lets the prey get away from the predators and lets the predators sneak up on the prey. How a species hides depends on several things. It’s important to know what the organism looks like. Animals with fur use different ways to hide than animals with scales or feathers, for example. Feathers and scales can fall off and be replaced quickly and often.

On the other hand, growing fur can take weeks or even months. Seasonally, animals with fur are usually better at hiding. For example, the arctic fox has a brown coat in winter and a white one in summer.

What a species does is also important. Animals that live alone are different from animals that live in groups. One thing that makes a zebra stand out is its stripes. On the other hand, zebras are social animals that live and move in large groups called herds. When zebras are close together, it is hard to tell one from another. This makes it hard for predators like lions to track down a single animal. How a species’ predators behave or look can also affect how it hides. If, for example, the predator can’t see colors, the prey doesn’t have to match the color of its surroundings. Lions are the leading animal that eats zebras, but they can’t see colors. Zebras don’t need to hide in the golden savanna of central Africa with their black and white stripes.



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