Did you realize that there are also advantages to owning a dog?

Ria Putzker is a fantastic photographer who is staying in the lovely city of Vienna. She began working in the art field from a very early age; her dad, who even took a few photos, also supported her and guided her on her way. She has been working as a dog photographer and enjoy her job. It’s a lot of fun for her to get to know dogs and people.

Shira and her “big brother” Mumble

Ria Putzker Photography

Dogs are enjoying happier futures: Nothing beats a long walk on a crisp spring morning with a four-legged pal of yours. Or when you pick up a ball in the nearby park and realize their playtime, watch the smile on their faces! In each other’s business, sometimes relaxing at home seems safer.

It is a cold day

Ria Putzker Photography

There is an adage that claims dogs will pay you ten times for the affection you owe them. It’s necessary to think about it very carefully before you go out and adopt a puppy. Caring about a dog is time-consuming and needs long-term dedication when the dog has been dependent on you for many years. Suppose you have determined that you have time and lifestyle to include a dog in your life, and you’ve discovered different dog types and characteristics. In that case, it’s time to find all the benefits of owning a dog.

Gorgeous Bandit in the winter sundown!

Ria Putzker Photography

One of the main benefits of owning a puppy is that the amount of training you perform daily rises considerably, and you might not even know it! Although it can be daunting to inspire ourselves to take a stroll of our own, we also do not hesitate to realize that our puppy wants to exercise. All the park hikes and forays into the forests add up.

A proud moment

Ria Putzker Photography

Even observing the dog’s games is a workout. After a long ‘fetch’ session, you’ve probably realized how drained you are, even if your dog is the one that has been running about. One of the essential advantages of pets is that they inspire you to adopt a balanced lifestyle, which rewards both you and them.

An  innocent look

Ria Putzker Photography

One of the surprising attributes of pets is the fact they contribute to their social life. They were going through training classes, meeting other dog walkers in the park similar to your canine friend. The dog will make you more pleasant on a variety of occasions.

The smallest fluffball… Ginny! 

Ria Putzker Photography

Your next puppy will bring you up and about, expose you to new adventures, and encourage you to do something else you’ve never done before. You can see a range of faces whether you’re headed to a local pet shop or searching for a fun place to make your dog’s morning walk more enjoyable. When you’re out at home, you’re unlikely to avoid chatting to a stranger, but we both recognize how simple it is to connect when our dogs want to make friends. And, despite our differences, we have one thing in common: our kind, friendly dogs!

Beautiful young boy Annuuki!

Ria Putzker Photography

One of the most exciting features of dogs is their remarkable capacity to calm us down, which positively influences our well-being. According to Harvard University, dog owners have improved blood pressure regulation due to enhanced movement and the reality that blood pressure decreases while walking dogs. It might worry you to hear that our blood pressure has a significant effect on our well-being.

It’s adventure time

Ria Putzker Photography

One of the most apparent advantages of having a dog is that it is almost difficult to feel sad while the dog is nearby, and this is real. Many pets are very friendly and appreciate the business, whether canine or human. You know that you still have a buddy at your side when your dog enthusiastically welcomes you.

Hey! It’s Autumn

Ria Putzker Photography

Dog owners recognize that preparation requires time, effort, and perseverance, both of which are traits that can be extended to other facets of our lives. Owning a dog does tell us more than that, however. Our dogs also know how to lead by example when it comes to fun, from enjoying the great outdoors to appreciate nature’s smaller things. The perfect combination is for pets and children because they will give them a lot of accountability. Make your kid accountable for one part of your dog’s day, such as feeding it at night or washing it at night (but watch it all!). Because you’re going to show them important life lessons they’re not going to find anywhere.

Dog is having a boat trip

Ria Putzker Photography

Dog owners are less likely than non-dog owners to see the veterinarian and be on medicine. Pets provide people with a feeling of moral security due to the unconditional affection they provide. We have a much higher recovery rate from a heart attack if we have a puppy.

A perfect capture

Ria Putzker Photography

Owning a dog can help recover people who are suffering from emotional distress, such as grief.

Dog ownership can make people heal and be happier with individuals with concerns of mental well-being.

The cutest pair – Eddy and Maki

Ria Putzker Photography

It’s no secret that 40% of dog owners consent to say something to their pets. We realize that we can count on them to be there for us!

She looks so gorgeous

Ria Putzker Photography

They keep you active—even though you don’t feel like jogging, the desire for ‘walkies’ suggests that you need to be up and about. And you are still happy to get a chance to work out.

Maki in the winter sunrise

Ria Putzker Photography

Running a dog is a sure-fire chance to partake in conversations with other livestock owners, which is an excellent idea in a society where individuals are quite lonely.

Little corgi puppy Bessi enjoying the sundown

Ria Putzker Photography

They’re making sure no food goes to waste. If you’re too full to handle the idea of tossing a failure, your furry little dustbin is still ready to lend a helping hand.

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