It seems possible that most people have a jar of Vaseline stashed away somewhere in their homes, most likely in the medicine cabinet of their bathroom.

Many people have traditionally used it to moisturize dry lips. However, were you aware that this time-honored medication can be utilized for more than one purpose?

I imagine many people have never heard of these clever uses for Vaseline, but they are quite helpful. Here are 17 of those uses.

1. Making perfume last longer


Have you ever noticed that even after applying perfume, the scent only remains for an hour? If you apply some Vaseline to your skin and then spray some perfume onto it, the fragrance will remain on your skin well into the evening.

2. Opening a zipper that’s stuck

Do you have a zipper that won’t open easily or jerks when you attempt to open it? All you have to do is lubricate it with some Vaseline, and you should be good to go.

3. Bad hair day?

Are the ends of your hair dry and frizzy and won’t stay where you put it? Forget about hair gel and other pricey hair products; you only need some Vaseline to keep your hair tranquil and moisturized.

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4. Shoe Polish

If you can believe it, Vaseline performs excellently on leather. You can make your shoes shine by rubbing some vaseline on them, and you can even preserve the quality of your leather jacket by applying some of it to it occasionally.

5. Masking tape substitute

Have you been tasked with painting a window or chest of drawers but can’t seem to locate any masking tape? It’s as easy as spreading some Vaseline on the areas you want to keep paint-free and watching the magic happen.

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6. Stop doors from squeaking

Doors that squeak are a major source of annoyance. Applying some Vaseline to the joint to prevent squeaking is one method that can be used. Make use of a small brush to ensure that all of the areas are covered.

7. Makeup remover

Have you used up all of your makeup removers? Put some Vaseline on a cotton pad, then rub it all over your skin. That’s all there is to it. I know it will work!

8. Tip for making it easier to apply nail polish

When applying nail polish, things can quickly become messy, and it can be challenging for many individuals to keep the polish on their nails rather than on the skin around them.

If you apply some Vaseline around your nails before applying nail polish, you will have an easier time removing any polish that gets on your flesh later.

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9. As a substitute for mosquito repellent

You don’t happen to have any mosquito repellent, but you need some, do you?

Simply apply some good old-fashioned Vaseline to the affected area. Because it smells like petroleum, it deters mosquitoes and other flying insects.

10. To remove water stains from fine wood.

Have you or a guest accidentally left a bottle of liquid on your beautiful wooden table, causing it to change color?

Do not be concerned; all you need to do is apply some Vaseline to the spot, leave it there for the night, and then wipe it away to remove the discoloration. Problem solved!

11. Keeping makeup in place

When applying eyeshadow or lipstick, you can make it last longer by rubbing it with Vaseline first.

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12. Easily remove makeup stains from clothes

Makeup tends to leave behind some of the most difficult blemishes on clothing. I do not doubt that you will concur, ladies.

It has been suggested that applying some Vaseline to a makeup stain before washing a favorite shirt or shawl can assist in removing the stain. This can be done before or after placing the item in the laundry.

13. Fixing a broken phone screen

Have you recently broken the display on your phone by dropping it on the floor? I believe that many of us are guilty of doing something like this. Some of us are guilty of this more frequently than others.

If the damage isn’t too severe, you might be able to repair it yourself without spending much money. This is especially true if the scratch is only superficial.

Apply Vaseline to the abrasion, let it sit for a few minutes, and then remove it with rubbing alcohol. It is believed that it can assist in repairing the surface. It doesn’t harm to give it a shot!

14. Getting a stuck ring off your finger

Have you attempted to put on a ring, but it didn’t move? Don’t worry; all you need to do is rub some Vaseline into the affected area, and it will come right off.

15. Before dying your hair

This is helpful advice to keep in mind if you plan on coloring your hair at home alone.

Before beginning the coloring process, apply some Vaseline around the perimeter of your hairline. In this manner, you can avoid getting dye stains on your skin during coloring.

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16. Removing red wine stains

Yes, you read that correctly. As was the case with the water stains, all that is required to remove wine stains from a table is to rub some vaseline into the affected area, allow it to remain there for the night, and then wipe it clean. The stains will be gone.

17. Candle wax on a candle holder

If you rub Vaseline in the spot where the candle wax is most likely to drop, the wax will not prefer to adhere to the surface as readily. It is also simpler to eliminate the wax after it has been applied.

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I bet you had no idea that vaseline could be used for many different things. Although it may be dated, you should always have some for any of these 17 uses!

It would be greatly appreciated if you would think about sharing this article with your acquaintances so they can also benefit from this magical ointment.

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