The excessive number of street dogs in India can occasionally lead to serious issues.

Like the tale of these two cute puppies, who lost contact with their mother and fell into a large pit.

An abyss that was too deep for their mother to rescue them from.

They weren’t the only ones in the pit, so it wasn’t their only issue.

Unexpectedly, a huge and dangerous king-cobra was also down there with them.


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Like a movie

Sometimes events occur that you would have imagined would only be seen in movies.

I believe such was the case on this particular day for these Indian rescuers.

The king cobra is so venomous that it may even kill an elephant; one bite would have ended the lives of these puppies.

The fact that the pit these unfortunate puppies fell into was quite muddy made matters worse because there was always a chance that they would become stuck.

Fortunately, pups aren’t typically among the foods that cobras enjoy eating, but people were nonetheless concerned for their safety.

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Friendly Cobra

However, the snake didn’t appear to desire to hurt the puppies—quite the opposite seemed to be true.

Actually, the cobra was keeping watch over them, making sure the little dogs didn’t cross to the other, more deadly side of the well.

The puppies remained in the same location of the well with the snake for 48 hours.

When the authorities eventually arrived to save the puppies, they found that it was simpler than they had anticipated. The rescue crew was able to pick up the puppies without any issues once the cobra kindly moved.

Valpar kobraYouTube


We, humans, can learn from the fact that some animals, regardless of species or size, actually do have a remarkable ability to aid and protect one another.

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