Have you ever mistook a stranger on the street for somebody you recognize and struck up a conversation with them? His body had the same silhouette as hers, and his profile was unmistakably the same. However, you are entirely perplexed when the person refuses to know you. It happens to the best of us, too.

#1 So he found a picture of himself dressed as a Samurai 111 years ago at The MET. He was a collector of Samurai armor; He had drunk a lot since then, so he doesn’t recall, but it’s plausible that’s it’s him.

1st Doppelgängers

#2 Made an interesting discovery at the art museum today


People usually recognize you for your smile, which is one of your most distinguishing characteristics. With over 7 billion inhabitants in our world, it might not sound so impossible that anyone who looks like you exists. Doppelgängers (German for “double walker”) are non-biologically linked lookalikes – they are not closely related to you, nor do they have any links to your family tree. Still, they share your facial features for some strange explanation. When we see twins, they seem to be genetically similar, but they are physically different in many respects. There’s a good chance you have a doppelgänger out there that your friends/colleagues mistake for you. Even then, it’s unlikely that they’d be a good fit if you looked at their characteristics methodically and scientifically.

#3 Duffin met his art twin

museum dopplegangers-
Ross W. Duffin

#4 Unexpected meetings at the art museum


#5 Seems like he is in a better mood this era.

Artes Depressão

Throughout literature, seeing a doppelganger has been synonymous with bad luck. Several folklore stories consider that to be a bad omen. Once upon a time, a doppelganger was believed to be a lousy twin or perhaps a mystical entity. The study on these twin outsiders is also discouraging since perceptions of seeing their own body in the distance may be signs of hysteria or epilepsy, which explains why they were once believed to be bad omen. Thankfully, the term “doppelganger” is now more generally and neutrally used to describe someone who looks or acts just like us.

#6 Historic Doppelganger!

#7 Looks like she founds her twin

Artes Depressão

A mystical, identical duplicate of a living human is known as a doppelganger. It’s a German term that means “double walker” or “double goer” in English. A doppelganger is a person that looks just like you, right down to the way you move, behaves, speaks, and wears. When a peer or even a near relative sees your doppelganger, they would believe it is you. The double was spotted even though you might prove you weren’t at the venue.

#8 Bros Meetup


#9 Accidently Found his doppelgänger at the Louvre


Doppelganger sightings and claims have been recorded for decades, and a great deal of superstition has grown up around them. Historically, they’ve been thought of as creepy or sometimes malicious beings. Seeing a doppelganger has often been thought to be a sign of ill luck or misfortune. Much of the time, though, as stories of doppelgangers prove, they don’t seem to be creepy or malicious, nor do they seem to herald poor luck. (However, others have been reported to create havoc.) They seem to be, moving through their daily lives as though they were ordinary people. And maybe they are.


#10 He met his doppelgänger face to face


#11 Same look and the same outfit


#12 Looks like twins


#13 “OMG! Do we have a relationship?”


#14 Baby doppelgängers


#15 Found the historical doppelgängers

Todd Mansfield

#16 This time she looks pretty


#17 Both are looking up


#18 Found the historical doppelgänger in Paris


#19 Weird Al proves he is immortal at The Louvre


#20 Same Pose, same look


Many accounts of doppelgangers are more likely misidentifications. Even then, as best friends, siblings, and parents who know the actual individual witness the clarification, it becomes more challenging to consider. It’s hard to imagine they’d be duped by someone who looks just like the source.



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