There are problems in modern society, but unlike in the past, people are aware of them and are actively working to solve them. This allows artists like Al Margen to produce work that is so deep and thought-provoking.

The following photos speak to us in symbolic drawings, allowing us to consider some facets of society. These stunning photos can also cause us to consider our participation in some of the problems they show.

See some of his satirical works on societal issues below and tell us which one was your favorite.

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Everybody is aware that nothing is perfect in the society of today. Even though we are aware of many worries and issues, we are not always quick to find ways to solve urgent societal problems.

An Argentine illustrator named Al Margen creates gloomy illustrations highlighting the issues facing the globe today. Sometimes speaking louder than words, his gloomy pictures always provoke deep reflection. The author is quite critical of his works and discusses them with a high.

The realities of our world today fascinate many artists, and it is often one of their favorite topics to paint. Our society is not a romantic haven of perfection. We must work together to address issues like racial discrimination, people trafficking, drug addiction, and war.

Even though not all of us experience these issues, they serve as a terrific reminder to take things slow and become acquainted with modern society. Who knows, it might help you grow as a person.

“They are children of boredom, nonconformity, or anger.” They are the representations of discarded ideas. They are the garbage of the subconscious. But they are more visceral and sincere than other drawings because they have no obligation to please. Because they were born only by an impulse and nothing more. Because they were born to annoy because they show the imperfect.” Al Margen

When we set aside romantic ideas, we discover that life inspires creativity. The artist uses thought-provoking images to talk about capitalism, consumerism, technology, media manipulation, body image, smoking, and relationships with other people.

For thousands of years, the history of humanity and the earth has been told through art and symbols. Faces from early human and animal lives have been reflected in sculpture. Historically, rituals have been described in cave art. For those with eyes to see, the symbols Da Vinci hid within his artwork have been telling stories.

It’s the same today. Through graffiti and symbolic imagery, artists like Banksy can depict injustice. Journalists, musicians, and artists bring various facets of society to light for everyone’s enjoyment. Knowledge is waiting to be discovered for those ready to look in the right places. Some of this art is empowering, while other works are disempowering.



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