Grandma Winifred, congrats! We hope the lesson he gave these criminals will stick with them forever.

Since the elderly have had more time to experience life and figure out how things work, mixing them in a large group is not intelligent.

Unsurprisingly, three young people who wished to play criminals discovered this firsthand. We are confident that they won’t even attempt to approach older people in the near future.

Others may learn a valuable lesson from this tale before they attempt to create anything as stupid as these gangsters attempted.


For Winifred Peel, a grandmother of 77, it was a normal day. She had just started a walk when she decided to stop at the closest ATM.

She ran into Piper Dumitru, Florin Geblescu, and Felix Stoica. They thought they had the “perfect plan,” but it all fell apart when they learned they had meddled with the wrong person.

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She suddenly felt like someone was standing behind her as the woman attempted to withdraw some cash. She quickly understood it wasn’t a person in line but a thief looking for her money. Peel was pushed off balance as his friend attempted to extort £200 from him.

She remembered seeing them the day before, so she knew they had planned this move. As soon as she left the bank, they started to pursue her.

This quick-witted woman understood she couldn’t let those kids make her a victim, so she grabbed one of them by the collar and used all her might to smash his head on the ATM. She then reported the incident to the police.



The officers that responded to the scene found the three men. They were charged and are now in jail, where they belong. Peel voiced her pleasure at learning that the attackers had been sentenced to prison, but she had mistakenly assumed they would only receive a warning.

This encounter impacted Peel in a way she never imagined. She told Metro, “They did not care about how this would affect me.” This has changed my life; I will never have the confidence I once had. “I only hope my confidence returns.”

The fact that this fierce woman escaped unharmed is a gift, though she is afraid she might be harmed again. However, she was able to come out of that situation as a victor because of her courage and the fact that she visited the gym in her 70s.

Thugs view older people as easy targets, but luckily, more people like Winifred stand up for themselves in difficult situations. Watch the video below to see what I mean. The older man throws several punches as he pulls back against the robber attacking him at the ATM.

YouTube Video

When you next assume that older people are an easy target, you should rethink that assumption.

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