Fashion is an appealing and innovative method of expressing a popular kind of art. Many fashions design companies, individuals and trends produce many new fashions designs every day. It’s about imagination, but while it’s in operation, it doesn’t occasionally look like a great idea in your head.

There’s a Facebook group from around the world that shares and collects fashion design faults. You can’t take the sight of some clothes. You may even feel prompted to approach the person and ask why they are clothed honestly. The fashion designs in this category demonstrate this level of shame. The name of this Facebook Group was, that’s correct, “You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress.”

Many Facebook users worldwide have gathered to post clothing that isn’t intended to be apparel. Mary Waldron, the group’s creator, told Bored Panda that she was creating the group to have fun and talk to others. However, after 6 or 7 months, the group got much popularity, turning it into a big group of members and a large group.

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Fashion Style Types

Vintage fashion style:

The fashion style of vintage is defined by elegance, exquisiteness, and grace. These are fabrics and apparel produced in an ancient time, but history is not necessarily far gone. The attraction of antique clothing seems timeless, yet people are there, and there is a trend. Anything out of date but never out of style is Vintage. Old is gold, and you will undoubtedly want to add some of those items to your wardrobe after reading my recommendations on some of your most exemplary old school fashion. Denim, capris, high boots and skirts are just some of the most fashionable vintage styles nowadays.

Artsy fashion style:

Artsy clothes are a trend in the style which picked up my notice. It is encouraging to watch women who love to dress in the form of their flair. The aim is to create something other than conventional and to break away from the usual style. This may involve the use of bold, bright colors and exaggerated patterns. The clothes would mostly feature strange silhouettes and some significantly different shapes. Most are handcrafted and scratch produced.

Casual fashion style:

It is more acceptable to term it business casual fashion rather than simple. Corporate and job meetings may still take place in casual clothing, which is entirely appropriate. Women may wear slacks or skirts with suitable blues and jackets, while men must wear a blazer with matching pants, a formal shirt and perhaps a tie. Men need to dress conservatively.

Grunge style clothing:

Grunge style clothes result from the trend for grunge music, which started and continues in the 1980s. An essential emphasis of the collection was the construction of vast and complex forms. The most popular products in this style were flannel shirts, leather jackets, ripped jeans, metallic jackets, crop tops, combat boots, slogan tees, fishnet shacks, mom jeans, slouchy sweats, and beanies. The characteristics of this style are baggy clothes, torn and shredded clothing and messy clothing. This style offers something for everyone, so include it in your wardrobe and statement your style.

Chic fashion style:

It is elegant without the use of vivid colors and refinement. You can also notice more muted colors, but everything comes in class and joyful elegance, nothing too overdone and nothing unduly garish in color.

Bohemian fashion style:

Bohemian movement styles include the hippie appearance, which has become widely accepted. Long hair and colorful clothing were used by women in this way, consisting of free-flowing textiles with brilliant patterns and exotic designs, as well as bell-bottom pants to complete their long hair and bright costumes. Modern style variations include the Chic Boho style, which provides handcrafted clothes from natural materials and is now fashionable. This may be seen in almost every dress connected with this style, famous for its free-flowing and informal nature. An example of this style is the maxi dress with its blowy sleeves.

Sexy fashion Style:

Seductive fashion is about how you may make your clothing seem sexy so that more men in your life might be attracted. This may include exposure of as much flesh as you can legally expose, or it may involve not excessive skin but a seductive look in your clothes. It is all about displaying in the most favorable light possible your best characteristics. This book is for you if you are a female that likes to display its attributes.

Exotic fashion style:

Just as the word suggests, it means something that was never done in the past. This is an item of clothing you haven’t found in the past. Exotic modes include a range of things to consider, such as mysterious patterns, vivid and bright colours, beautiful needlework and prints, which can be distinguished from far away.

Trendy fashion style:

It may be a contemporary female in any style currently in trend. You are considered a trendy young woman if you regularly change your clothing with the newest styles and reflect the changing seasons. This is the most straightforward fashion style to follow since no complications or dramas explain why I like it.

Vibrant fashion style:

This style is the focus of attention for those of you. This style, which is evident in its bright mix of colours, patterns, exaggerated embroidery, asymmetry and a wealth of vibrant and powerful colours, is characterized by energy and intensity; if you prefer to wear bright colored clothes, the wardrobe blasts with things that grab the spectator’s attention.

Preppy fashion style:

Preppy fashion style in North America has impacted and continue to influence modes throughout history. However, people outside the institution are rapidly adopting this approach. Preppy culture fashions include khaki or straight leg Chinese, polo shirts, Henley shirts, sweaters in the crew’s neck, short skirts, and other clothes.

Elegant fashion style:

Elegance is seen in full when it comes to showing an excellent degree of class and refinement. Elegance is all about high-end glitter and posturing. This style involves the creation of a complete and elegantly attractive ensemble. This style has beautiful clothing and matching gems, which drop with diamonds, leaving the audience stunned. This appearance is a mixture of elegance and sophistication.

Cowgirl fashion style:

This beautiful fashion produces a beautiful cowgirl; it contains many essentials such as pink or brown hats, blue jeans, leather belts, pair of boots, a button-up shirt, and a pair of cowboy boots. Even though you probably don’t wear this regularly, you will surely attract many compliments if you do.

Girl Next Door fashion style:

While this style is not traditionally considered a style, it qualifies for listing. This style has nothing singular, is not loud and doesn’t seem odd. It’s fundamental, yet it’s beautiful and delightful. In this scenario, a simple tee shirt and jeans will do the trick.

Punk fashion style:

This type of fashion is all about being attitude and screaming. Punk stands out for using a lot of leather, especially in the wearing of jackets and pants. Spikes, chains, and pins are some of their favorite accessories. Spandex, boots, slim jeans and band tees may also be included.



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