Who has memories of attending school?

It might seem like a distant memory if you’re even remotely close to my age.

But I can remember for sure.

The various special events, such as talent performances, are what I remember most clearly. I also recall sitting during lunch breaks and P.E.

They were really enjoyable, and I wanted to participate, but I was too shy.


I was terrified by the prospect of taking the stage in front of the entire school. However, I was consistently awestruck by the competitors, especially the younger ones in lower grades.

Talk about courage!

If I recall correctly, the main acts during talent showcases were students performing either singing, instrumental music, or dance.

Talent shows were a fantastic opportunity for students to gain attention and wow their classmates in addition to exhibiting their talent.

I believe the four 10-year-old boys from the New Braunfels Christian Academy who participated in the school’s annual talent show did exactly that, as reported by Jesus Daily.

The four lads were quite excited to see if their schoolmates would enjoy their performance because they had invested much time and work into it.

A huge, moving black sheet is seen at the start of their performance.

However, when the sheet is removed, everyone in the audience starts laughing.

These boys came up with a humorous, original, and clever performance where they emerged as newborns dressed in onesies and bibs, looking almost like puppets instead of choosing a more conventional talent show performance like singing a song or playing an instrument.

And as soon as the music begins, your mind is blown. These guys are top-notch.

Everything is perfect, including the dance and the props. This performance won’t be forgotten!


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