The things that children say have a special ability to take us by surprise uniquely. Luca, who is now four years old and hails from Australia, recently stunned his mother by informing her of some interesting information regarding events that took place before he was born. On her Instagram account, blogger Laura Mazza, Luca’s mother, posted the strange conversation she overheard.

Laura related how she had been in painful pain and had experienced heavy bleeding shortly after finding out that she was pregnant with Luca many years before he was born. She had conceived Luca so soon after the bleeding that she was ignorant of its significance. Luca was born shortly after. Laura was both speechless and overcome with feeling due to Luca’s revelation because she had never before disclosed this information to Luca.

This story illustrates how children have an innate ability to pick up on things beyond their comprehension and how their perceptions can often surprise us. In addition to this, it brings to mind the profound connection between a mother and her child and the mysteries and discoveries that are a natural part of being a mother.


Unfortunately, Laura had a miscarriage, which is a traumatic experience for anyone, but she was fortunate enough to become pregnant shortly afterward, which assisted in reducing some of the pain. Laura, Luca’s mother, had a sneaking suspicion that her son had been here before because of the peculiar circumstances surrounding his birth and his demeanor.

The kid, only four years old, appeared like a young adult and surprised everyone with her profound and off-the-wall observations. In addition to that, he would sing along to old songs that had been published many years before he was born.

Laura was taken aback when her suspicions were validated while bathing the young child on a fateful day, and the realization shocked her. Luca asked his mother about the family’s living situation, and Laura affirmed that they did reside in Australia. But then the little boy responded that he did not dwell in that house; rather, he resided in his mother’s tummy.

Because of an unexpected change of events, Luca, who is only four years old, rendered his mother, Laura Mazza, unable to speak and overcome with emotion by his words. A blogger named Laura lives in Australia, recently posted a story on Instagram about an unsettling conversation with her son. Luca disclosed that he had been present in her stomach up until the point where he passed away. This information was a complete surprise to Laura because, before becoming pregnant with Luca, she had a miscarriage, and she had never told Luca about it. This disclosure came as a complete surprise to Laura. Since the two of them were in the same room, Laura pressed Luca for additional information about what he meant, but the young child could not elaborate further. This incident illustrates how unpredictable children’s words can be and the possibility of unexplained phenomena beyond our comprehension.

Not only is the narrative of Luca’s conversation with his mother, Laura, intriguing, but it also brings warmth to the reader’s heart. Luca’s revelation that he had previously been in his mother’s tummy but that he died and became an angel is not something a standard four-year-old would say. Luca believes he died and became an angel after being in his mother’s womb. Even more incredible is his description of how he traveled back in time to his mother’s womb after finding his mother and how he went about finding her.

The fact that Laura and her son had never discussed these topics adds to Luca’s account’s shock value. The fact that he wished to return to being her baby because he missed her so much further proves that children select their mothers on their own. Laura’s emotional response to Luca’s words demonstrates how affected she was by her son’s story, and her realization that children choose their mothers is a wonderful and heartwarming sentiment.

The fact that some Laura’s Instagram followers, many of whom commented on the post, shared their own comparable experiences lends credence to the notion that there may be more to life than we can see at first glance. The story of Luca is evidence that there is more to life than what greets the eye and that perhaps our loved ones do not depart from us even after they pass away. This narrative is a gentle reminder that we should savor every opportunity to spend time with those we care about and keep them close to our hearts.



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