It is tragic when an automobile accident claims life, especially young lives. A tiny infant boy died in this needless tragedy, and numerous others also suffered injuries.

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Shawn Walker’s security system caught everything that went wrong on camera. In the video, a pickup truck travels north on Kostner before a stolen Hyundai Sonata plows right into it. The truck struck a big tree, but the Sonata hit a light pole and came to a stop. ChicagoCrimeChasersNewsUpdate

“The baby wasn’t breathing, so we started doing CPR,” Walker stated. “My main thing was to get a pulse back into the baby.”


Cristian Uvidia, a 6-month-old baby, was recognized by the Cook County Medical Examiner. At Stroger Hospital on Monday afternoon, the infant was pronounced deceased.

The baby’s family told the reporters that he had just turned 6 months old the day before the tragic accident.

Firefighters arrived at the accident scene right away to save the family. They were sent directly to the hospital, so their situations were categorized from serious to critical.


Officers collected information at the accident scene and spoke with witnesses for more than four hours.

The police detained two suspects associated with the stolen Hyundai. Both were underage; the lads were 14 and 17. Possession of a stolen automobile was the charge leveled against them.

A GoFundMe page has been created to collect money for Cristian’s funeral expenses.

The description detailed the tragic occurrences. It stated how his death came about: “He suffered from an impact that fractured his skull, causing his brain to swell and eventually killing him.”


It said, “We are devastated, and we are broken. We will miss his sweet smile, as he was a joy to everyone he met.”

The description clarified, “Part of the money will also go towards medical expenses, as mom and sisters are currently in the hospital with injuries but in stable condition.”

This tale is tragic. We wish the family well as they recover from this terrible loss.

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