The information that a father and kid had been struck by lightning stunned everyone. The son survived the terrible occurrence for a month, but the father did not survive the lightning strike.

After bravely battling for weeks, the young boy has departed. Read on to discover everything we know.

Grayson Boggs, 6, and his father, Matthew Boggs, 34, were strolling hand in hand down their Valley Hills driveway when the unimaginable occurred. A lightning strike struck both, inflicting deadly wounds.

On Monday night in Valley Mills, lightning struck 6-year-old Grayson Boggs and his father, Matthew. Matt didn’t…

Published on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, by Jasmine Lotts TV


Little Grayson survived, while Matthew passed away instantly. He was swiftly moved to Temple’s Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Centre. Even though his prognosis was dismal from the start, his family did not want to lose faith.

To give Grayson the best chance of surviving, the family started a GoFundMe fundraiser and campaign. Unfortunately, the young kid did not significantly improve even after the incident on May 15th, and as a result, physicians advised disconnecting the boy’s life support on June 13th. Three days later, Grayson passed away.

When Matthew walked to pick up his sons from the bus stop on May 15, 2023, at about 5 o’clock, the following tragic incident occurred. The two were standing at the driveway’s edge when thunder clapped, and Elijah dispersed from them.

According to a call I just received, my adorable newborn nephew passed away at 5:05 this morning in Texas.

LilJenjen Rhinehart published this on June 16, 2023, Friday

Elijah remembers the incident where he rushed to his father and brother. At first, he was oblivious to the details of what had happened.

“I was genuinely afraid. In an interview, 11-year-old Elijah remarked, “I rolled Grayson over, and he was smiling slightly. “I thought they were just kidding, but when I rolled my dad over, his face was already purple, and his head was bleeding in the middle,” the daughter said.

The horrifying events were witnessed by Matthew’s mother, Angela Boggs, who was also at the house. To save lives while they waited for emergency services, she hurried to the side of her son and grandson, and neighbors joined her.

Grayson appeared to be fine from the neck down, but reports following the tragedy suggested that there may have been some brain injury.


A family friend named Stephanie Burris started a GoFundMe campaign and regularly updated donors about Grayson. The small boy was severely sedated and breathing with a ventilator; doctors had informed the family.

They announced that Grayson had suffered a serious anoxic brain injury in an update on May 19. The doctors warned that Grayson might never again be able to see, walk, talk, or eat. “What that means for the family is that when Grayson gets to come home, he will be completely cared for with frequent appointments and therapies,” the statement read.

The little boy’s condition was continuously updated on the fundraiser. Although Grayson’s condition remained constant, it was considered that it might not get better. “Today, Grayson’s medical team and I had a care conference. The update stated, “The doctors informed us that the condition Grayson is in is how he will remain for the remainder of his life.


Then, in a tragic move, his mother Kayla decided to take him off the ventilator and register him as an organ donor. In his final days, friends and family from the Boggs family came to bid him goodbye.

Just pray that we can keep him comfortable now, and pray for the family’s healing. We may not be aware of God’s plan, but we are confident that Grayson is in his arms, Burris stated in reference to the choice.

The next day, Grayson passed away. Over the $100,000 fundraising goal, the campaign had raised $102,000.

Such a tragic story, I tell you. We wish Grayson and his family all the best as they go through this difficult period.

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