Winter’s ice and snow can put canines in perilous positions. This winter, there have been numerous reports of pets becoming trapped on ice or plunging through into icy water.

But happily, some will go above and above to help these animals, even if it means going into the chilly water themselves.

That was the case for one Russian woman who freed her pet Husky from an iceberg.

According to the Daily Mail and a local Russian site, the woman, 65-year-old Galina Voskovykh, was strolling by the river with friends when she heard the “plaintive howl of a dog.”

She discovered a Husky dog stuck in the ice-cold water and acted quickly to save it.



β€œWithout thinking twice, I undressed and jumped into the water,” Galina recalled.

The dog was unable to return to the shore owing to the ice, so Galina made a way for her to pass through: “I helped her, broke the ice with my body,” she explains.

It was worth it to save the dog’s life even though it was undoubtedly quite cold to swim through the ice river wearing such little clothing.

The Husky was freed by Galina from the ice, and the two warmed up once more by the shore.


Then the dog that had been saved fled with another man who was her owner.

Galina survived the rescue, according to Daily Mail, suffering only a few minor scrapes and bruises. She is a strong swimmer and claims to have no regrets about her action, despite some reportedly having doubts about it (some people have sought to save dogs in similar situations only to put their own lives at risk).

She remarked, “I don’t think of myself as a hero. Anyone, I believe, would act similarly.


We are grateful to the woman who defied the bitter cold to rescue the life of this Husky!

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