Many felt awful for the 72-year-old woman when a tragic video of her slipping on a porch while delivering pizzas went online. Suddenly, they banded together in her defense, and their thoughtful actions irrevocably altered the older woman’s life.

It was just another day at work for retired woman Barbara Gillespie, who delivered pizzas for Domino’s Pizza. The older woman was used to riding across South Carolina and negotiating streets to get to the customer’s residence.

Lacey Klein placed an order for her family that day in the hopes that they would have dinner at home. She had no idea that an unforeseen incident was standing at her door.

Barbara Gillespie works for Domino's Pizza. | Source: Edition

Barbara Gillespie works for Domino’s Pizza. | Source: Edition


The Delivery Girl

After receiving it, the restaurant swiftly made Klein’s order, and Gillespie was happy to deliver it to the family’s door. Gillespie put in a lot of effort, like many senior adults, not because she enjoyed working but because she needed the money to get by.

After working for years as a school lunch lady, Gillespie could not unwind at home as most ladies her age could after retiring. Due to her circumstances, she was compelled to work a physically demanding job delivering pizzas.

Gillespie never brooded over her difficulties and consistently showed up to carry out her duties. Despite having less energy than her younger coworkers due to age, she worked just as hard.

Barbara Gillespie falls to the ground. | Source: Edition

Barbara Gillespie falls to the ground. | Source: Edition

The pizza delivery

Gillespie strained to walk that fateful day as she walked up to Klein’s front porch while clutching a bag in her left hand and a stack of food boxes in her right arm. The security camera was always recording the older woman outside the house.

She decided to aid Gillespie because she could sense her suffering.

Gillespie put her left foot forward and saw a step as she moved closer to the entrance. She had to rely on her estimates because the food boxes obscured her view of the ground. She first placed her left foot on the step before placing her right foot. Nevertheless, she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Kevin Keighron helps Barbara Gillespie. | Source: Edition

Kevin Keighron helps Barbara Gillespie. | Source: Edition

An Unexpected Occurrence

The food boxes flew to the opposite side as Gillespie tripped on the stair and fell to her right side. The video of her collapse shows that she attempted to grasp onto the front porch chairs to prevent falling, but nothing was successful.

The older woman was now more concerned that she had destroyed Klein’s order. Even though she was concerned that the chair’s armrest would smack her in the face, her client’s satisfaction remained her top focus.

The elderly delivery woman was found on the ground when Klein’s husband, Kevin Keighron, came out of his house a short while later. She responded when he inquired if she was alright:

“I spoiled your meal. I fell.”

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Barbara Gillespie talks about the incident. | Source: Edition

They felt bad

Gillespie claimed that the experience scared her, but Klein and Keighron were astounded to learn that the pizza delivery woman was still employed at 72. “It makes me heartbroken to see anyone elderly having to work to keep up with the economy and pay bills when they should be retired and enjoying their lives,” added Klein.

Because her father and father-in-law both worked before they died away, Klein could identify with the woman. She decided to aid Gillespie because she could sense her suffering.

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Facebook/Lacey Keighron

The Video Captured

On February 2, 2023, Klein set up a GoFundMe page to support Gillespie’s leave of absence. Before that, she posted the security camera footage to TikTok, hoping that viewers would feel sorry for the older woman after seeing her collapse. She had no idea that her charitable actions would have a lasting impact.

The TikTok video quickly gained popularity, and generous internet users contributed to the online fundraising. At the time of this writing, Klein had received more than 15,400 gifts totaling $248,992, and the amount was constantly rising.

When Klein’s family visited Gillespie the following day, she learned about this in the interim. Gillespie was astonished to meet Klein’s family at her place of employment because she was unaware of her popular video and the internet campaign. After presenting her with flowers, they informed her of the GoFundMe page, to which the older woman replied:

I’m about to pass out.

She was leaving.

Klein had hoped the fundraiser would bring in enough cash to allow Gillespie to stay home for a few days. Yet the response was so overwhelming that it made it possible for the older woman to leave her job permanently. Klein updated her Facebook profile with the following:

“Guys!!! Barbara put in her 2-week notice at work yesterday!!! She’s officially retiring! So excited for her.”

The Internet Reaction

Once the tragic video went viral, internet users couldn’t help but support Gillespie by leaving supportive comments. They stated the following:

I’m pleased she’s now retired! Prayers to her and her new family! “That’s a good woman with an amazing heart. The fact that she took a spill that hard and was more worried about ruining the family’s dinner than her being hurt shows how compassionate she is. I’m glad she’s now retired! Prayers to her and her new family!”

– (@Ivar G) February 10, 2023

“What a sweet ending, but it’s such a shame that some of our elderly have to rely on the generosity of strangers online to retire.”

– (@EdwinK) February 10, 2023

“With all the bad happening in the world today, it’s very nice to hear this story. It brought a tear of joy to my eyes, knowing she and that family now have a relationship, and they call her Grandma.”

– (@Eric Colby) February 10, 2023

Lacey Klein and Kevin Keighron talk about their experience. | Source: Edition

Lacey Klein and Kevin Keighron talk about their experience. | Source: Edition

Gillespie may enjoy her life and her grandchildren, including Klein’s children, who now refer to her as their grandma and adore her, by staying at home with her family after retirement. We hope the older woman has a happy life and send her our best wishes.

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