It’s simple to think that heroes don’t exist and that Marvel movies and comic book strips are the only places they reside.

The truth is that they exist in all spheres of life as individuals who accomplish remarkable feats, occasionally at the cost of great sacrifice.

To save kids whose lives might have otherwise been lost, a beloved crossing officer in Kansas City, Kansas, sacrificed his life in 2020.

For five years, 88-year-old Bob Nill served as a crossing monitor at Christ the King Parish School. The pupils respected him greatly, and many of them called him “Mr. Bob” in a friendly manner.


As per accounts, at around 8 a.m. on a Tuesday in 2020, a speeding black sedan sped straight through Nill’s crosswalk.

Nill risked his life after recognizing the threat to save two kids.

“He stopped two kids, and they listened, thank God, but then he, of course, was the victim,” school principal Cathy Fithian told KMBC 9.

According to witnesses, the 88-year-old pushed the kids away as the vehicle sped by, according to Fox 4. Sadly, this meant that he was hit. Randy, Nill’s cousin, said the brave deed wasn’t out of character.

He explained: “What my Uncle Bob did for just getting little kids across the street seemed probably trivial to some people, but for him, it was a really important job, and now, we know how important it was. He may be saved some lives.”

Before his retirement, Nill worked in finance and the Coast Guard. He continued serving his community by working as a crossing monitor after leaving his full-time position.

“This was something I think he felt like he could help children and help himself feel good about what he was doing,” Randy said.

On its Facebook website, Christ the King Parish School posted a statement.

“We would like to give you an update on our crossing guard, Mr. Nill. Our hearts are heavy as we inform you of his passing. Please continue to keep Mr. Nill and his family in your prayers as well as the students, parents, and teachers who witnessed today’s accident.”

“Also know that Mr. Nill is a hero. He stopped two of our students from crossing the road as the car approached.”

Bob Nill, slumber well. You will always be regarded as a hero because of the lives you rescued.

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