The majority of middle school students likely have other concerns besides building houses.

Luke Thill, a 13-year-old middle school student from Dubuque, Iowa, stands out.

In his parents’ backyard, this creative and resourceful boy has built his very own tiny home.

He spent about USD 1,500 on the endeavor, and now Luke is in his tiny cottage living his dream.

Come on in and see how it looks on the inside.


Facebook/Luke Thill

Luke is undoubtedly different from many of his 13-year-old classmates, I believe. In an era of iPads, smartphones, and X-Boxes, this young man chose to pass the time in a distinctive and more “traditional” manner. His desire to construct a small home, as he explains on his YouTube account, developed due to boredom last summer.

Luke had a fairly good idea of how he would carry out his plan after conducting extensive research.

Facebook/Luke Thill

The Process

Getting the money and supplies, he required to construct the house took him about a year. To make money, Luke cut lawns, started an internet fundraising campaign, and completed errands for neighbors who required assistance.

For example, an electrician Luke knew helped him put the electricity in return for Luke cleaning out his garage.

Luke used a lot of leftover items from his grandmother’s home and recycled about 75% of them. An uncle’s friend gave the house’s front entrance as a gift.

Facebook/Luke Thill

The 89-square-foot house, which is 10 feet long and 5 1/2 feet broad, has electricity but no plumbing, meaning there isn’t any water or a bathroom… yet.

He told The Des Moines Register, “I liked minimalism. “And I wanted a home without a huge mortgage,” she continued.

As more people became interested in the tiny house, Luke created several video clips and posted them online. In these videos, he discusses his endeavor.

Facebook/Luke Thill

As you might expect, Luke also got some assistance from his folks with the building and money.

However, Greg, Luke’s father, ensured that Luke would finance and construct most of his endeavors independently.

Greg told The Des Moines Register, “It was an opportunity for a kid to do something other than play video games or sports. It imparts principles for living.

Teenager’s Dream

In many respects, the house is a teenager’s paradise where you can unwind and hang out. It has a loft with a cot, a microwave, and a TV.

Even a grill and flowers are located in the backyard.

Luke typically works on his homework at his new home after school and spends some evenings during the week.

Luke already plans to build a slightly larger home for when he begins college. In addition, he wishes to encourage others to pursue their goals:

In one of his videos, he states, “I want to demonstrate to kids it’s possible to build at this age.

Below, you can see how he feels about his endeavor.

Luke’s tale illustrates what a young person can accomplish with the right motivation, values, and parental support.

I am incredibly amazed by this young boy’s home. A structure like that in my garden would be welcome!

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