One of the sweetest things you can do is to adopt a child who needs a caring home. After spending so much time in foster care, it is great when a child learns they are being adopted.

The cute young boy’s response to hearing that he has finally been adopted demonstrates the significance of adoption.


From Phoenix, Arizona, 3-year-old Michael Brown. Little Michael has lived in foster care for more than two years of his brief life. But now he can say that he has a family of his own.


Tara Montgomery, a single mother of three other kids, was caring for Michael. Initially, Michael and his birth mother would be reunited thanks to Montgomery.

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“his original case plan was reunification with his ‘bio-mom.’ When that plan failed, a new plan was set”, she said.

Then, with all the required paperwork, Michael’s adoption became official. He spent his entire life in a happy home with the Montgomerys. And he had the cutest response to the information. Photos of Michael and his new family were taken to remember the momentous occasion. After being shared on Twitter, the photos quickly gained popularity.

Forever Family❤️ #Adopted

— dae brown (@daaebrown) December 20, 2016

“The photos are the definition of his personality,” his new mother said. “He couldn’t help but tell everyone that he was being adopted today. We are so happy to have Michael in our lives.”

Montgomery said that she took the images to inspire other families to adopt children and that they were put online. “If you are thinking about it, do it. The impact you are making will last a lifetime on the child.”

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What a lovely message to convey to so many people. Adopting a child is undoubtedly a wonderful act of love and kindness.

We send lots of love to Michael and his brand-new “forever family.”

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