Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive and deadly; if they are treated badly, this reputation may be accurate. Most dog breeds are similar; it all depends on how well the owner raises their pet by ensuring that they feel secure.

How a canine is raised by its owner determines everything; no dog is born evil.

Pit bulls may not be a topic on which everyone can concur, but this pit bull is undoubtedly a real hero in everyone’s eyes.


Remayah Hernandez, age 5, and her sister were pedaling bicycles when Tank, the neighbor’s labrador, appeared out of nowhere.

The young girl, being the little canine lover that she is, did not hesitate to try to pique its interest. She only wished to pet it. However, the day was marred by blood and weeping.

The dog bit the girl in the face straight away in an attack.

Remayah, clearly terrified, began shouting for help. Her screams roused her mother and the household pit bull, Trigger, to action. He abruptly seemed to defy everything he had learned as a puppy while in the family’s backyard.

He had to abandon the family’s backyard and jump the fence to attack another dog. When Trigger heard his 5-year-old owner screaming for assistance, he ran to her aid and attacked Tank, who was ultimately hurt.

Given the breed’s reputation, a pit bull attacking another canine typically causes a stir in the community.

But in this instance, Trigger made the correct decision.

The tank was taken in by the police station’s animal control, who ultimately had to euthanize him. The young girl was transported in an emergency to a hospital to receive medical attention for her wounds.

The family had saved money for a trip to Disney World but instead had to use it to cover plastic surgery expenses for their young daughter, who had been injured by the neighbor’s dog and required it for medical reasons.

At that time, a fundraising drive was launched online so people could donate to the family. The intention was for Remayah to be still able to visit Disney World, which she did. Ultimately, 1000 dollars were raised to grant this young girl’s request.

The little girl was terrified after the attack but was most appreciative of what her hero had done for her. Or “superhero,” as she now prefers to refer to him. Trigger was genuinely there for her when she needed him.

It is still unknown how the labrador could get out onto the street and wander around the neighborhood uninhibited while the neighbor was at work that day. The neighbor was stunned to learn what had occurred and immediately assumed that a piece of the puzzle must be missing.

Although he firmly believed his canine was innocent, he was relieved to learn that the young girl next door was unharmed in the incident.

Everyone was thankful Remayah recovered quickly from that terrible event.

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