A man who had only recently been released from prison less than six months prior and had been wrongly detained for nearly 30 years passed away. Claude Francis Garrett was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Lorie Lee Lance, in 1993. Lorie Lee Lance was 24 years old, and it was thought that she died in a fire that was set on purpose.

Even after being convicted and given a life term in jail, Garrett continued to maintain his innocence. It took the jury nearly 30 years to reinvestigate his case, dismiss the charges, and ultimately release him. In May, at age 65, the former prisoner who had been falsely convicted was released from jail for the first time in almost 30 years. However, in a terrible turn of events, his friend Liliana Segura, a journalist who covers the US criminal justice system, announced on Twitter that he had passed away.


“This information cannot be distributed. “Less than six months after being cleared of all charges and granted release from prison, Claude Garrett passed away yesterday. He seemed to have passed away while resting.” He was just shy of 66 years old,” Segura said.
“It’s heartbreaking and incredibly unfair; I’m at a loss for words. Claude was sentenced to thirty years for a crime he did not commit. He battled bravely. When the day finally arrived, he waited patiently, kept his attention, and took care not to breathe out too soon. “not until he was certain the state wouldn’t file an appeal,” she continued.
“Claude has enjoyed his freedom for the past five months. He relished every moment spent with his daughter Deana and, in particular, with his utterly adored grandson, whom he adored. In addition, the writer posted two images of Garrett and his granddaughter.
Segura said that seeing Garrett’s release from prison was “one of the most meaningful things” to have occurred in her life. She continued by expressing her sadness for the years he lost and anger that prison and trauma had resulted in the man’s early death. She added that he had worked extremely hard to maintain his health.

Additionally, the journalist found that the innocent prisoner had attempted to make the government responsible for what had occurred to him by stating: “Claude had plans.” He demanded an explanation from the state for his wrongful conviction.
“He desired compensation. She said, “I find it incomprehensible that those who stole so much of his life will never have to answer for what they did and will live longer than he will.”
The living room of the Old Hickory House, where Garrett and his girlfriend resided, caught fire on February 24, 1992. The incident was related to the wrongful judgment rendered against Garrett. After the fire was finally controlled, firefighters discovered Lorie’s body in a room that was being used as a utility room. She died as a result of inhaling too much smoke.
After further investigation, the police concluded that burn markings at the location of the death demonstrated that the fire was intentionally started. Garrett was thus given a life sentence by a jury that deliberated for less than three days.
However, following years of appeals, Davidson County Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkins ruled on May 6 that there was “clear and compelling evidence” that the initial arson evidence was “junk science” and should be rejected. This decision was made after numerous years of appeals.
“The petitioner’s strong evidence has satisfied the court, which is why, in light of the new scientific evidence, no reasonable jury would have found Claude Garrett guilty of felony murder,” Finally, Judge Watkins concluded.





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