Ms. Ella believed her parenting days were done after rearing her children and some of her grandchildren. But instead of unwinding, she took care of her six great-grandchildren.

The 72-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada, a military widow, struggles independently without assistance to care for her children or her dilapidated house.

But in Ms. Ella’s house, a Christmas miracle happened thanks to her best friend.

She never stops thinking about her best friend, Alicestine Miller, sometimes known as Ms. Alice, even though she lives in California.

Ms. Alice requested assistance for her acquaintance from the Fox 5 Surprise Squad.


Ms. Ella was shocked when the Surprise Squad answered the phone and showed up at her front door.

When the Surprise Squad questioned her about her great-grandchildren, she responded, “Oh Lord, they mean so much to me. They are my heart, I say.

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FOX5 Las Vegas

Ms. Ella refused to explain why she brought her great-grandchildren in, only that she needed to save them.

Ms. Alice was flown in by the Surprise Squad, and once the tears were dried from their eyes, they were taken away for a spa day while a crew of workers finished some urgently required repairs and upkeep.

The team members showed up with a truckload of brand-new furniture, rugs, children’s beds, and even Christmas decorations.

New furniture, beds for the kids, and gifts, including $500 gift cards for each child, were all present in Ms. Ella’s home.

The “Christmas miracle.”

They will become upset, Ms. Ella cried.

When she saw Ms. Ella’s significantly improved home, her great-granddaughter exclaimed, “It’s a tremendous Christmas miracle.”

The Surprise Squad also arranged to pay Ms. Ella’s rent in full for the following year, so that wasn’t all.

See Ms. Ella’s admirable response in the video down below.

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I’m so happy this family got spoilt, and Ms. Ella could have a stress-free Christmas. Ms. Ella is the woman who deserves this kind of surprise the most.

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Do you know?

Ms. Ella, a widowed 72-year-old great-grandmother who served in the military, raises her six great-grandchildren by herself. Recently, Ms. Ella has given a unique Christmas miracle thanks to the efforts of her best friend.

Ms. Ella frequently struggles to provide for the six kids. She bemoans the deteriorated state of her house as well.

Ms. Ella doesn’t have any family to help her out, but she does have a friend in Ms. Alice’s. The two women don’t frequently interact. Ms. Ella resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, whereas Ms. Alice is in California. Despite the distance between them, their friendship has not diminished.

Ms. Alice contacted the Fox 5 Surprise crew to get help for her buddy in time for Christmas. She outlined her close buddy’s situation and enquired whether the group could assist.

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