Children of all ages need to attend school regularly. Thanks to these resources, they will be able to gain knowledge and get themselves ready for what is next.

However, it is a sad reality that millions of children all over the globe either cannot attend a school or are coerced into doing so under terrible conditions.

This picture of a Chinese boy with a frozen head on his way to school is going viral on the internet and being shared numerous times daily. It is impossible not to be moved by it, and I felt it was important to share this picture and take a moment to reflect after viewing it because I thought it would be helpful.

Wang Fuman is eight years old and lives in the province of Xinjie in China.

The boy has been living with his grandmother since his mom left him, and his father needed to move to a large city for work.


Since Wang Fuman now resides three miles farther from his school than he used to, he must travel several hours daily to get there and back. And as winter has drawn and the temperature has dropped, it has been even more difficult than usual for Wang to make his way to school. It is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to -9 degrees Celsius.

Go viral!

The principal of the school where the boy goes decided to post some photos on social media to show the challenging environments many of his students live in.

In addition, the final photograph of Wang Fuman that the producer uploaded has quickly become popular. The photograph clearly shows how the young boy’s head has completely frozen. Because of the weather, his eyebrows are frozen, and the skin on his cheeks is burning. According to Noticias Caracol, the school’s principal explains that the child chose to walk to school despite the extreme weather because he had a test to complete.


Despite the harsh conditions, the young boy was determined to arrive at school in time for the exam. While finishing the exam, his hands were frozen from the cold.

Wang Fuman shows that he is extremely disciplined and that he puts a high priority on his education. I have the deepest desire that these photos will be the spark that gets him some help so he can make it to school without facing obstacles of this magnitude.

Education is one of the most important things a person can acquire in their lifetime because it improves the chances that they will be employed and able to provide for themselves in the future. Unfortunately, many children in every region of the globe do not have the chance to pursue an education that could open doors for a successful and fulfilling life. Others are given a chance to learn; however, because the facilities are so terrible, the books are so broken, and the teachers don’t have any motivation to teach their students, they do not even attempt to fill the minds of their students with understanding and wisdom.

We also need to acknowledge that education is a crucial driver of both social and economic development and that investments in education can have far-reaching benefits for individuals, communities, and societies. This is something that we need to keep in mind.

Every child has the right to gain knowledge, and they should all be able to get to school under conditions that aren’t intolerable. If you think this is correct, please share it.

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