At a campground in Owen County, Indiana, two young brothers were killed when a falling tree struck their golf cart.

The youngsters have reportedly been identified as Robey Elementary School straight-A students Xander Clark, 9, and his sister Ziva Clark, 8. According to the Owen County Sheriff’s Office, the siblings passed away at the scene this weekend, despite deputies being summoned to the Indian Oaks Campground in Taylor Township shortly after 2 p.m.

In a statement honoring their “perfect children” on Tuesday afternoon, the family said that a memorial foundation had been established for Xander and Ziva to “serve as a way to support the activities they enjoyed most, and were near and dear to their hearts.”

Their smiles reveal everything about these lovely souls! They had a joyful existence! My Facebook page has a touching memorial from the Xander and Ziva Clark families and information on how you may support them. Pray for this lovely family, please.



— Angela Ganote (@angelaganote) April 26, 2022

According to the Herald Times, a massive dead tree was knocked over by strong winds. According to Owen County Coroner Angi Frank, the toddlers had suffered blunt force injuries.

In a statement, the Clark family stated: “Our wonderful children, Alexander “Xander”, age 9, and Ziva Clark, age 8, the cherished son and daughter of Brian and Crystal Clark, passed away on April 23, 2022. At Robey Elementary School, both were model straight-A students. Ziva was in second grade, and Xander was in third grade at Horizons.

Xander was a 4th Level 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and a prodigy in the martial arts. Despite the bad weather, he practiced daily as a skilled basketball player. He was passionate about the Pacers and wanted to play professional basketball and work as a part-time meteorologist. Xander enjoyed spending his free time outside and fishing.

Gymnast Ziva competed at Westside Gymnastics. She worked on her balance beam and bars daily to polish her routines. She finished fourth in the state competition and won first place overall. She committed much time to develop her abilities to become a professional snowboarder or Olympic gymnast. This year, Ziva triumphed in several gymnastics events and took home many victories. Ziva also enjoyed returning the fish that Xander had captured to the pond once he had caught them, but she would always kiss them first.

Grandparents John and Carol Clark also remain as survivors in addition to their parents. Long-time teacher and athletic director in Wayne Township, Mr. Clark, profoundly impacted many people’s lives. Grandparents Lori and Kevin Marsh, who are wonderful and devoted grandparents, loved them to the stars and always helped expand their ideas in any way possible. Grandparents Alan and Suzanne Driver were always by his side and devoted just as much time to the township. Policeman and motorcycle officer Alan is a retired member of the IMPD. His wife Suzanne and he have always put their family first and will drop everything at the drop of a hat for any family. Xander and Ziva left behind many devoted aunts, uncles, and cousins who will cherish their memories and share their accounts of how the lives of two young, adorable children were influenced. Later in the week, a Memorial Service will honor their legacies.

At the Professional Police Officers Credit Union, 1502 Washington St., Indianapolis, IN, a memorial foundation has been set up in memory of Xander and Ziva instead of flowers. This will enable us to support the pursuits that were dear to their hearts and that they most liked. This covers all future needs for Brian, Crystal, Xander, and Ziva, as well as Westside Gymnastics, The Way Martial Arts, and Robey Elementary, among others. Additionally, a Mealtrain service lets you send a dinner from your family to someone else’s via GrubHub. During this extremely trying time, remember the Clark and Driver Families in your prayers.

The parents of Xander and Ziva, who were operating the golf cart their kids were traveling in, were unharmed when the tree collapsed. According to reports, the event “heavily damaged” a second car.

To help the family through these extremely trying times, a Mealtrain has been established.

“Please continue to keep the Clark and Driver Families in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time,” a statement from the family reads.

Indian Oaks Campground – Credit/Google

The Clark family is in my thoughts and prayers. I have no idea how to process such a bizarre catastrophe that kills not just one but two defenseless toddlers.

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