Elena Erkhova, 91, a resident of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, is better known online as Baba Lena. She has traveled to unexpected places and posted her adventures online. She is a 91-year-old Russian woman who has been traveling despite her advanced age, which is why the story became so motivating. Additionally, whether at a far-off locale or outside Russia’s borders. Sadly, at the ripe old age of 91, Baba Lena died away in 2019, but she left behind a legacy on Facebook of her travels. A 91-year-old grandmother made a solo trip around the globe and posted updates on Facebook.


A 91-year-old grandma traveled alone, sharing her journey on Facebook.


Adventure has no age restrictions, and Elena Erkhova was a living example of this. The 91-year-old Russian grandmother traveled alone to many different nations, becoming an online star. Elena, also known as Baba Lena, is a babushka from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk who traveled to notable locations worldwide and documented her travels on social media. Elena left her legacy on Facebook, which her grandson previously managed, but she sadly passed soon afterward.


#3 Travelling to Tuva Republic

Elena wasn’t just a casual traveler; she was an adventurer who dove headfirst into various pursuits and participated in local customs. She rode a motorcycle in Germany, a camel in Israel, and partied in Tonsai Bay, Thailand. She also went rafting in the Yenisey River in Mongolia. Growing up in the Soviet Union had its drawbacks, and when Elena was younger, she didn’t have the money to travel. Elena was free to move about the Union but couldn’t go far outside. Elena was able to travel to Prague, Poland, and East Germany in the 1970s while she was in her 40s due to new travel opportunities.

#4 Phi Phi Harbor View Hotel in The Phi Phi Islands, Thailand




#8 Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

When she reached 83, she realized she had the resources to travel, so she set out. Strangers frequently assisted the grandma when she traveled alone and grew close to her over time. Since many people are curious about my age and ability to travel, they want to be of assistance, which makes it simple for me to establish friends while I’m abroad. She told The Independent, “They take me everywhere, help me see the water, and take me to restaurants.

#9 Visiting Asia

#10 In the Tuva Republic

#11 Parus Sanatorium, Novosibirsk, Russia

#12 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Lena used to sell flowers and crocheted items while saving her pension money. And so she could go to places you wouldn’t think a 91-year-old on a Russian pension would go. Numerous destinations in Russia are covered, including the Republic of Tuva, Novosibirsk, Mount Elbrus, and Moscow, in addition to several other locales, including Germany, Thailand, Tenerife (Spain), Italy, Vietnam, and many more. She was fearless in participating in a range of activities when traveling. She is pictured riding a motorcycle in Vietnam and an Israeli camel, traveling, and visiting some genuinely breathtaking locations. Rafting, participating in cultural activities and festivities, and other things Vietnam-style.

#13 Monkey Beach, Tonsai Bay, Thailand


#15 Beach Carnival Night in Thailand

#16 Belokurikha, Altai, Russia

#17 The Moscow Skyscrapers

She met a fellow Russian called Ekaterina Papina on one of her journeys. The interaction with Lena, who always traveled alone, was captured on camera by Papina and uploaded online. The image went viral, gaining over 14,000 views on Facebook. Since then, Lena’s grandson has started posting about her travels on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and established a social media profile for her. Unfortunately, Grandma Lena died of cancer in 2019, and her accounts on YouTube and Instagram were deleted. As a tribute and record of her travels, only her Facebook account is still active.

#18 Thailand

#19 The Geographical Center of Asia


#21 Germany

#22 Istanbul


#24 At the Riu Garoe Hotel in Tenerife, Spain

#25 Rome, Italy

And her legacy endures. Although many other news sources have done it, we’re still discussing it. Although these figures could have been higher when she was alive because individuals just withdrew from these specific pages when they became empty, the older woman currently has over 8,000 followers on Facebook, over 5,000 followers on Instagram, and over 750 subscribers on YouTube. Lena is an excellent illustration, one of many that show it’s never too late to start doing what you love. Lena resumed her travels at 83, barely eight years before she passed away. Her travels during these days were very intense, demonstrating how active she was.

#26 Rafting in The Yenisey River (Mongolia/ Russia)

#27 The Naadym Festival, Tuva Republic, Russia

#28 Joining the Culture of The Taino Indians

#29 At the Parthenon of Books, Kassel, Germany

#30 In the Tuva Republic



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