Thanks to contemporary technology, most expectant mothers in the West can now see incredible 3D images of their children growing inside the womb.

The gender and appearance of your unborn kid are now much more certain thanks to these wonderful scans.

A doctor can’t tell you what color your baby’s eyes will be, how much hair they’ll have, or what color their complexion will be.

Baby Bence was delivered on the second day of Christmas in 2015 in a hospital in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. The small boy showed up, leaving his parents speechless and the doctors perplexed.


When this cute baby was delivered, he had a full head of hair and was milk-white.

In reaction to the newborn, there was soon laughter in the delivery room. The hospital had never seen a newborn with such white hair before.

As the third child born to his parents, doctors performed tests to determine the cause and wondered what could have led to this actual Benjamin Button.

However, Baby Bence was a 12-pound healthy newborn delivered as a chilly bundle with no pain symptoms.

Although his parents Tamas and Klaudia, were delighted with the birth of their happy, healthy child, doctors were ruling out albinism. This hereditary disease causes skin, hair, or eyes to have a little color.

The possibility of stress or anxiety caused by the mother during pregnancy was also eliminated.

According to doctors, newborns’ white hair is usually a genetic condition. It is frequently triggered by a vitamin B12 deficiency or even by mutated hair cells, according to

Whatever the reason for this unusual coloration, Baby Bence is winning over the hearts of internet users and the medical staff, who have dubbed this adorable baby “Prince Charming.”

Tamás, the father, told a local publication that neither parent has white hair, even though Tamás was blond until he was three years old.

However, he was nowhere near as stunning as Bence, whose brows and eyebrows were barely visible.

More of this adorable kid can be seen in the movie down below.


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