The hardest thing a youngster can go through is possibly losing their mother or father.

Young children may find it challenging to understand what is truly happening in addition to the terrible longing for the deceased parent. The mother who was always there has vanished.

The mother of 5-year-old Jerry visited the hospital one day but never returned home. Jerry is perplexed as to why his mother hasn’t returned for a visit despite his dad’s explanation that she has entered paradise. Then, one day, Jerry calls 911 to locate his mother.

When tiny Jerry calls for help, the call is answered by an elderly police officer. The cop, who appears to have a thick skin, is initially annoyed, thinking it to be a joke call. But after a short while, he discovers it’s simply a sad young boy on the other end of the call.

Jerry explains that his mother recently passed away without realizing it as the man patiently listens. What the officer hears saddens him.


The officer then shifts to giving the young lad some useful advice, including a fantastic notion that will bring them together in a way neither could have anticipated.

And a red balloon is where it all begins.

Before watching the video below, ensure you have some tissues on hand.

Did this affect you as well?

YouTube Video

The action of this police officer is deserving of praise.

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