Jonathan Bauer had no idea that his 13-year-old daughter would be involved in a series of horrible events when they chose to take the longer, more beautiful route home from work.

Unfortunately, as He went across Ocean City’s Assawoman Bay Bridge, Maryland, he was involved in a multi-vehicle crash.

In a press conference, Bauer recalled that the first sound he heard was tired squealing.

“Then [he saw] the truck swaying back and forth like someone was losing control and trying to overcompensate,” he added.


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The truck hit a wall and flipped halfway over the rail, which scared Bauer.

He tried to move aside., but he still got hit, which shattered the windows of his car and covered his daughter in the glass.

He noticed the truck driver trying to exit his vehicle but found that his door was being forced shut by gravity after checking on his surprisingly safe daughter.

By the time Bauer arrived, he had already been able to extricate himself, and the driver pointed into the sea around 20–25 feet below without saying anything.

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When Bauer looked over, he claimed, “A young girl was standing approximately six feet from the car seat when I first noticed the car seat.” “He simply pointed down at the ocean.”

Bauer stated, “He pointed toward the river, and as I turned to look, I noticed a car seat and a young child about six feet away from it.

When he failed to find any boats in the area, he realized that the girl had overturned and was lying face down in the water.

Bauer said he felt he had to act quickly and called his daughter to stay with the car and grab a first responder as he plunged into the river to save the toddler.

His daughter wailed that her father diving into the water was the “scariest moment of her life.”

Bauer sprang from a height and dove feet-first into the shallow water without suffering damage.

The young youngster was then taken from the pool and hoisted high on his shoulder as he vigorously stroked her back until she started to cough up water.

Thankfully, a boat quickly arrived to transport the couple to land.

Affected, his wife Wendy expressed her pride in him while also amazed that he leaped despite having a phobia of heights.

Credits: Printscreen Youtube/Inside Edition

His daughter continued, “He would never go on the Ferris wheel with me, I can say.”

On that day, eight patients were transferred to other hospitals, and a 2-year-old kid had to be flown to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore because of traffic, which caused the bridge to be closed for six hours, according to Ocean City Today.

Before the general public, Jonathan said he wanted to thank the first responders.

Bauer, Ava, and his wife were named honorary members of the EMS by Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. In addition, Bauer received a plaque in honor of his heroic efforts.

According to Meehan, quoted by Ocean City Today, the fact that Jonathan is a true underdog hero makes this even more fantastic than it already was.

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“This is a day of thank-you. This was a tragic accident… “The ending of the story is everyone is okay, and they’re okay because of everyone in this room,”



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