My early memories are limited to when I felt safe and loved. I was raised in a family that loved me and wanted the best for me from the moment I was born.

Unfortunately, not all children have this level of security.

Some children spend their whole lives in foster care or adoptive homes, never knowing what it’s like to have a proper family.

This Christmas, three brothers will be able to say for sure that they were raised in Massachusetts by KC and Lena Currie.

Every year, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, America’s courtrooms are flooded with cases that genuinely make the judges stand over their smiles.

For a brief while, they allowed adoptions, giving birth to hundreds of new homes for orphans and children in foster care, rather than resolving traffic ticket disputes or disputes between neighbors. National Adoption Day is observed annually on November 23.

This year, it brought together KC and Lena Currie of Sudbury, Massachusetts, who are now the delighted parents of Joey, 3, Logan, 2, and Noah, 1, all of whom are biological brothers.


According to Good Morning America, KC and Lena first met Joey at a Children’s Friend event.

Lena explained, “We saw a picture of Joey, and Children’s Friend suggested it would be a good fit.” “At the time, he was 18 months old.”

Joey was eventually adopted as a child in March. But that was just the start.

The Curries were quickly contacted by Children’s Friend, who informed them that Joey had a 6-week-old brother named Noah who also needed a home.

When they found that there was a third sibling, Logan, whose adoption into another family had fallen through, KC and Lena said yes right away. The Curies saw this as an attempt to speak with them.

One month after they had permitted Noah, Logan moved in with them.

That’s exactly what we thought; KC told GMA. We finally planned to say yes since we wanted the brothers to stay as a unit.

When kids get older and have more questions, they may be able to rely on one another and travel that journey together.

Despite the challenges of raising three children under four, KC and Lena have done an excellent job caring for these brothers.

Being a part of a loving family is a gift that cannot be put into words, and Joey, Logan, and Noah will now have the chance to develop as a family.

According to Lena, this is the first year and the first Christmas where everything is accurate and true.

“Now we can start organizing for kindergarten, sports, and all those fun things,” said KC.

Its goal is to spread awareness about the thousands of kids still living in foster care across America and celebrate the numerous forever families it brings together annually.

Believe it or not, most kids have to wait up to four years to be adopted, but some never experience that happiness.

More than 20,000 kids leave the foster care system each year by the time they turn 18 years old.

The Currie children will not have to endure the pain or the agony of being separated from their real siblings.

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