A blessing that can only fully be appreciated by those who have experienced it is welcoming a baby into the world.

Having kids, whether one, two, three, or more, truly alters your existence. It can be difficult, stressful, and draining at times, and there are moments when you might wonder what is going on.

Nothing compares to gazing into your child’s eyes at the end of each day and realizing they are your entire world.

Kateri and Jay Schwandt, who are 45 years old, have 15 children, 14 boys, so I can only imagine their pride!


You did indeed read that accurately.

Before having Maggie Jayne, a daughter, Kateri reportedly gave birth to 14 consecutive males.

I can recall my mother confessing that she and my father had given up attempting to conceive after the birth of my youngest brother. After having their third boy, they recognized that perhaps it wasn’t fated that they would ever have a girl in the family, despite their hopes.

According to all reports, Kateri and Jay also wanted a daughter but persisted where my parents did not.

They had boys Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvan, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker, Francisco, and Finley along the road. Finally, two years ago, they could rejoice over some wonderful news: they were expecting a girl.

Maggie allegedly joined a family that is now likely complete when she was born, weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz.

Readers might be familiar with the Schwandts; given their sizable family, it’s not surprising that they’ve drawn a lot of notice over the years.

They have a live-streaming show called 14 Outdoorsmen, and they have previously been featured on both regional and national news networks.

Some of Kateri and Jay’s boys are now adults and have their own homes. They still have a nearly filled house, though.

Their 28-year-old oldest son, Tyler, talked to Today about what it’s like to have a younger sibling at last. He said that my parents were ultimately blessed with the daughter they never imagined they’d have. About 12 hours have passed since my dad informed us, and I still have trouble processing it.

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Maggie Jayne into our family, said Jay, who has long yearned for a girl.β€œThis year has been memorable in so many ways, for so many reasons, but Maggie is the greatest gift we could ever imagine.”

Amazingly, Kateri and Jay’s relationship dates back to their first year of high school. Now, roughly 30 years later, they are in charge of a 17-person household. (counting themselves, obviously).

In 2014, Kateri talked openly about possibly having a daughter in the future.

She told, “I think we would be shocked if we were to have a girl.”

When Maggie reaches the age where she can comprehend that not only does she have 14 siblings, but that they are all male, we can only picture the shock she will experience!

Maggie, success!

What a remarkable tale, wow. With three boys, let alone 14 and a young girl, I figured my parents would have their hands full.

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