Andy and Sarah Justice tried to start a family for a long time. Life, however, seemed to have different ideas.

The Oklahoma couple from Tulsa tried everything. And after three years of fruitless searching, they decided to pursue adoption.

The pair was soon connected with a birth mother, and Sarah and Andy went along with the woman when it was time for her to have an ultrasound.

But the ultrasound results astonished everyone, including the birth mother, the Justices, and the medical professionals. The mother was expecting triplets!

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth’s children were delivered without a hitch a few months later. A week later, Sarah and Andy, the new parents, received more astounding news.


The couple, who had been childless, was about to have a sizable brood suddenly.

They were overjoyed, Sarah and Andy Justice.

After a protracted adoption process, they had battled for so long to have children and believed they would only ever be able to have one or two.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

They were overjoyed in 2014 when they adopted triplets from a pregnant woman.

The triplets, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, battled early in life due to their premature birth.

Before being allowed to leave the neonatal intensive care unit, the triplets had to stay there for some time.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

But having them was a delight for the Justices.

And a week after the trio of newborns was ushered into the world, Sarah received some incredible news from her OB/GN…

Just after the triplets arrived, Sarah attended a doctor’s appointment and received some amazing news.

Finally, Sarah discovered she was expecting a baby, which would be twins!

She and her husband went from being childless and without hope of having children to having three children and another two on the way.

The twins Abigail and Andrew arrived about 8 months later, making the house incredibly crowded.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

The voyage of the Justice family did not finish there, though. Amazingly, Sarah soon became pregnant again, with just one child.

It had only been a startlingly brief two years when Caleb, the couple’s sixth child, was born.

It only demonstrates the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

Considering that life can turn out exactly how you expected it to be sometimes. A big, loving family in this instance.

Unexpectedly, the family’s tale gained international notoriety. In an interview with TODAY in 2014, the Justices shared some insights into their chaotic daily lives.

Dad Andy stated that they went through an astounding 300 diapers per week:

”As soon as you get one diaper changed, it’s time to start all over again.”

The pair has no regrets despite all the effort and sacrifice.

“We just love having these children,” Sarah said.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

The kids are doing wonderfully and growing quickly, as seen in the images!

The triplets Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth just celebrated their sixth birthday.

Today, when I look at my family, they are still as appreciative and upbeat as ever!

I hope they can keep inspiring thousands of others with their tale and love for their kids.

Facebook / Andy-Sarah Justice

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