A dog named Allie’s tragic tale of being abandoned by her owner and left to find a new home went viral earlier this month.

But fortunately, the tale now has a happy conclusion.

The 1-year-old dog was discovered chained up near the Des Moines International Airport, according to a report from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on December 29.

According to reports, the dog’s owner attempted to bring the pet on a trip without a kennel. After leaving the airport with the dog, the owner returned to catch their flight. Later, Allie was discovered outside the airport.

Dog left at airport Animal Rescue League of Iowa / News Release


Animal Rescue League of Iowa later took the dog in and said that despite everything, Allie was a sweet dog in excellent spirits.

The CEO of ARL, Tom Colvin, told Today that the cat was “extremely nice and adored everyone from the airport personnel that came out, got her a blanket, stayed with her, loved her, and gave her all the care until our animal services officers came out and scooped her up.” She is pretty nice.

Allie would get medical attention, be spayed and microchipped, and then be adopted in the hopes of finding a better and more devoted home, they claimed at the time.

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And luckily, it has now arrived: Allie has been adopted in an encouraging development!

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa announced the news on Facebook, mentioning that her new owner had seen her the day she had been abandoned at the airport.

The home’s owner told us that Allie was “settling in extremely well” there. It is evident from the photographs that Allie is overjoyed to be moving to a new home as she bids farewell to the ARL staff:

Bigsen Charles, who was Allie’s previous owner and is said to be 24 years old, justified leaving his dog behind by saying that he needed to do so to catch a trip to New Jersey.

He told Daily Mail, “I have checked in and didn’t want to miss my flight. “I figured they would give the dog a kennel if I paid for the flight for her. I was unaware that I had to bring my own.

According to Charles, he admitted that he wanted someone to take up the puppy but could not make the necessary arrangements: I knew eventually someone would take her,” he admitted.

Later, he gave the dog to ARL. Although a warrant was reportedly obtained, it’s unclear at this point if he will be charged.

However, what matters most is that Allie has found a wonderful new home. We sincerely hope she enjoys her newfound happiness!

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