The viral picture often associated with the caption is unconnected to the news report that started the legend of the dog lying close to his owner’s grave.

A picture depicts Captain, a dog that spent seven years resting close to his owner’s grave.

Social media users commonly post a picture of a dog dozing on a gravestone, along with a short remark describing the claimed narrative of the picture.

Did This Dog Sleep by His Master’s Grave Every Night for 7 Years?


The dog’s owner owns the cemetery, and he has been sleeping there every night for years, according to the note: It’s been seven years. The dog’s name is Captain.

The cemetery gates do not close at night until he arrives. He goes by the name Captain. He spends each night at his master’s tomb. Always Fi!

Although the description refers to a recently published news piece, and the photograph is actual, there is no connection between the two. In reality, at least one additional illustration of a different dog on an entirely other grave has been mistakenly linked to this story:

The captain is a mongrel, a German shepherd, and another breed together. He visited Damián Guzmán’s (13) Villa Carlos Paz home in the middle of 2005 as a surprise visit from his father, Miguel. Damian’s mother, Veronica Moreno (52), did not like the gift since it meant more work. When Miguel died on March 24, 2006, a recognizable story—but also a distinctive one—began.

Nobody realized for days that Captain was gone. He, like Miguel, had departed the residence.

The dog returned, inspected every crevice, and finally departed. According to Verónica, he lived outside for some time, a few meters or a half block from the house.

The dog then disappeared. They confused him for a dead person or the adopted kid of someone else. “Until the day we carried my child to the cemetery and found him there. “The dog approached us whimpering, and Damien started shouting that he was the captain,” Verónica exclaims.

Despite their repeated requests, Captain did not accompany Damien and his mother back to their home. He stayed at the cemetery with Miguel.

People connected with the situation are astounded by the fact that Miguel died away at the Carlos Paz hospital and had his remains taken to a faraway place of worship. The family asserts that the dog never joined them on that day or any other day at Miguel’s burial cemetery.

We have doubts regarding several points in Captain’s account. For example, the concept that the dog could identify his owner’s grave many days after his burial despite never having been there before is, to say the least, implausible. However, Héctor Baccega, the superintendent of the Villa Carlos Paz Municipal Cemetery, claims that the account is accurate:

“This is not everything.” Hector Baccega is the director of the Villa Carlos Paz Municipal Cemetery. He is aware of and verifies every aspect of this narrative, but he adds an astounding new element. “The dog arrived alone and searched the cemetery until he discovered his owner’s tomb. No one brought him there. And that’s not all: every day at 6:00 p.m., he claims he visits the cemetery and lays down in front of it.

“Every day, Captain walks around the cemetery with me. “But when that time comes, he walks to the bottom, where his master’s tomb is,” explains Baccega, pausing to reflect: “It teaches us a lesson. I believe we humans should value the memory of those who have passed away more. Animals teach us such faithfulness.”

Did This Dog Sleep by His Master’s Grave Every Night for 7 Years?

In February 2018, more than five years after La Voz‘s original broadcast, Captain’s intriguing tale came to a bitter-sweet finish when the dog died away. The cremated bones of Captain were spread at the cemetery’s entrance, and a monument will be built in his honor, according to the Spanish newspaper:

This popular Facebook post is about a dog in Argentina that allegedly spent his whole life in a cemetery after losing his owner in 2006. However, the image attached to this letter depicts a different dog in a different setting.

Local media said that a devoted German shepherd in Argentina died this week at his owner’s grave, where he had been spending his days since his owner passed away 12 years ago.

Loyal Argentine dog dies beside owner’s grave after 12 years of waiting there for him
Credits: Sabah File Photo

Capitan, a 15-year-old dog, made headlines for the first time in 2012 when local newspapers claimed that he had been waiting at his owner’s grave in Villa Carlos Paz. His tale quickly spread, inspiring dog lovers everywhere.

Miguel Guzmán died in 2006. Shortly afterward, Capitan vanished from the family home and was discovered by Guzmán’s wife, Veronica, at the burial.

Despite several efforts to bring the dog home, Capitan always returned to the cemetery, located around 15 blocks from the house.

The cemetery keepers fed the dog and ensured that he had his yearly vaccines. Last year, local media stated that Capitan had lost his vision and could hardly walk due to his cemetery lifestyle.

Capitan was given many years of treatment for chronic renal failure, according to Cristian Stempels, the veterinarian who cared for the dog until his last days.

The vet told La Voz newspaper, “We had discovered the kidney issue four years ago, and all this time, he had been cared for with a special diet and medication.”

“Since he spent most of his life at the cemetery and was a famous dog in Carlos Paz, we agreed that he should pass away there. There was nothing more we could do except bury him that day, “explained Stempels.

The town is now debating the ideal approach to celebrate the dog’s legacy.

It is still unknown how the dog found his loving owner after his death.

According to former cemetery custodian Héctor Banegas, “We have no clue how he located the grave since his owner did not die in Carlos Paz, but Cordoba.”

“He was then taken to the village for the wake before being taken straight to the cemetery; he never returned to his home or ran into the dog again. The major puzzle is how Capitan retained his master’s fragrance for months after his passing.”

Locals in Carlos Paz have likened Capitan to the Akita dog Hachiko from Japan, who remained at their rendezvous at a railway station for nine years after his owner’s passing.



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