At the end of his shift, a FedEx driver was praised for going with his gut.

Damien Rose, a FedEx driver in South Carolina, was finishing up his shift when he saw something strange in front of him.

The heroic rescue was caught on camera. It was around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, and delivery driver Damien Rose was heading to clock out when something caught his attention.

 “When I noticed smoke from a distance and the two cars, I immediately realized there had been an accident.” According to local reports, he said.



He heard someone yell as he got closer to the scene and saw two cars in an accident. “Get the kid!”

Rose jumped out of his truck and rushed to one of the broken-down vehicles. He successfully removed the young child from their car seat and brought them to safety.

He hurried back to save a woman trapped inside the second car, but despite his best efforts, he could not unlock the door.

“It was just a primal feeling of “I’m not going to let anyone die” or something like.'” he said.

Rose even stayed with the families till the arrival of the emergency services.

“Previously, my granny was in an accident and was saved by someone,” Rose said.

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He says he’s hoping this heroic video other a message: “ers that “If you are out in public and you notice anything, even if it isn’t an accident, you should react and take care of it. You should always try to keep yourself safe.”

There was no information published regarding the accident.

While people in the accident thanked him for stopping and assisting them, Rose said he was the grateful one.

“Hopefully, blessings will come back,” said Rose. “It always comes back.” “I never trip about things like that.”

Humanity is the attitude of worrying about and aiding one’s fellow humans whenever and wherever possible. Meaning being there for others at their most sensitive points in life.

It’s important because it allows us to put aside our needs and wants when others are in need.

The goal of life is to help others. However, you should not expect anything in return; your objective should be to reduce the pain of others. “Service to others must be genuine and done from the heart; only then will it bear fruit.” “He claims he is hoping that this inspirational film would let others know that”

Anyone can be a hero for a few minutes in their lives. Rose is the hero for a few moments, saving a young child’s life.

At the time, he made quick decisions and was quick to act and help others; if he had not been involved in this situation, the child’s life would have been questionable.

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