On July 4, a 108-year-old Illinois grandfather with more than 100 grandchildren celebrated his remarkable birthday.

Izer Tilson reportedly has 15 of his children, and as a result, he is the grandfather to more than 100 grandkids.

Simply said, I’m glad to be 108. Not terrible,” Izer told reporters, adding that he intends to “live till 128.” Nine girls and six boys.

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Izer credited God and the Bible as the source of his enduring strength. For the record, he even claimed to be as physically fit as he was in his twenties during the 1930s.


Izer Tilson Day was established on July 4 in Rockford, Illinois, where he was born and raised. Rockford is in the Illinois county of Winnebago.

Sources claim that Izer was born in Forest City, Arkansas, and previously worked as a farmer, handyman, and businessman. He recalled how he was known as the “Rag Man” by others due to his obsession with vibrant rags.

One of his daughters, Gerline Tilson-Norris, who is also half of the only set of twins Izer, has said her father was fortunate to have his faith, family, and friends.

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“No sugar, no diabetes,” she said. “I think we should have the scientists, medical scientists out here at least doing some study; this is rare.”

“To see someone not suffering or in a lot of pain or anything, just take it as it comes.”

Heart failure claimed the life of Izer’s longstanding wife in her 80s back in 2000. Her warm heart and volunteer work at her church were both praised by family members.

Izer allegedly said they were high school sweethearts and called her his “careful, happy wife.”

Izer wants to spend his “final lap” surrounded by his family and friends, according to Gerlina.

Wow! Still going strong at 108 years old. And to think he has a big, devoted family! Izer is a man with great fortune.

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