Many first-year students eagerly anticipate prom when they set foot on campus because it is one of those great high school moments. However, for various reasons, some people never attend their senior prom. Senior Dakota Wollan of Watford City High School in Watford City, North Dakota, had no intention of attending his prom. He could have asked someone in his class, but he didn’t want to. He then received a wise suggestion from his father.

He reasoned that it would be enjoyable to share this experience with Dakota’s great-grandmother, who had never been to a prom. The pupil did not react negatively at all when he heard the suggestion. He believed taking his cherished great-grandma would be an honor and an amazing night for them both. And after contemplating it, he realized that this was the best idea ever.

Dakota asked his 92-year-old great-grandmother. The high school student thought the concept was cute and made a plan for her. “She handed me this old truck. She handed me a 1985 Ford, which I repaired and got back in working order. So I built a sign out of that truck,” he told KFYR.

He admitted that despite asking a member of his family, he was still “very anxious.” But as it happened, he didn’t need to be concerned because Madeline Miller was content. I had never attended a prom before, she said. She could not think of any justification for a young man wanting to spend such a memorable night with an older woman. When there are so many young females in the school, why would he want a 92-year-old to go with him to prom? Madeline questioned. But she responded, “yes.” After all, Dakota had made it evident that he would not go if she did not. Therefore, she was left with no choice. The woman admitted to having never attended prom at the news organization. She couldn’t even recall if there was such a thing back in her day.


Miller explained that she had to labor on the farm after her father became ill, and she only finished high school for a year and a half. So, here was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn what the whole prom thing is about. The couple was eager to enjoy themselves when the big day finally arrived. Dakota claimed that if it weren’t for his great-grandmother, neither he nor she would have attended their respective proms, so he didn’t give a damn about his age. The two were a tremendous hit at Watford City High School’s senior prom.

They were immediately noticed by everyone as soon as they entered the hallway. Boys and girls couldn’t stop admiring them and supporting them. Miller recounted the evening by saying, “I was walking next to my great-grandson, listening to this music as we went, and people were clapping and shouting.” “Everyone went nuts when we walked out on the floor,” claimed Dakota.

“Walking with my great grandson while listening to this music and people clapping and yelling,” according to Madeline, was one of her favorite aspects of the dance. This was such a thoughtful gesture! I’m happy that my great-grandmother and great-grandson both enjoyed themselves at prom.

The other students were thrilled to meet them, her great-grandson continued. Wallon stated, “When we walked out on the floor, everyone went crazy. The couple’s dance dominated the night and undoubtedly brought tears to many people’s eyes. Such a motivating situation!

As it turned out, Watford City senior Dakota Wollan gave his great-grandmother a night she wouldn’t soon forget because this was her first prom! According to Wollan’s great-grandmother Madeline Miller, “I could not believe that I was outside when there are so many young girls at the school; just curious as to why he selected a attend prom with him.” Even asking his great-grandmother, according to Wollan, made him anxious. “I wouldn’t have gone if she had said no,” he admitted, “but thanks to her, I got to build a memory for my last prom and her first prom.”

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