Young child discovers an old, abandoned car in the woods; what he discovers inside surprises him.

Since they can remember, members of the Jones family have enjoyed trekking. The kids frequent the nearby woodlands because they like the tranquility and sense of relaxation that nature gives.

One day they traveled more than a hundred miles from their city. Unbeknownst to them, a surprise find would make the day the greatest they had had in years. The day was set to be a terrific one.

Young Justin chose to go for a walk and search for mushrooms as the family set up their temporary camp. He abruptly noticed an abandoned car in the middle of the jungle. “Mom! Dad!” he began yelling, but they could not hear him.

As it grew dark, Justin decided to climb inside the abandoned car and spend the night there, but he heard his father yelling at him just then. To show his father the ancient car, Justin was relieved and delighted.


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They saw a box with etched directions when they looked inside the car. “If you locate this box, send it to the below location. – 5/7/1995. The person is Vincent Davis.

They quickly peered inside out of curiosity and were astounded by what they saw. War medals, jewelry, and gold bars were all contained inside the box.

The address inscribed on the box was close to where the father and his son were standing at the time.

First, they removed the box and carried it to where the rest of the family was. After a while, Justin’s parents asked him what he intended to do with the box. Justin immediately stated that he intended to deliver it to the individual whose address was written on it. “Nice work. Your decision to do the right thing is something we’re proud of, remarked his mother.

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The following day, Justin and his father drove to the specified house and knocked on the door. Opening the door, a senior citizen enquired as to how she could be of assistance. When she requested to see the package, the two did so.

With tears, she said, “Oh, dear.” “My husband discovered that his grandfather had left him an inheritance about 25 years ago. His grandfather buried it in the forest so that my husband’s father wouldn’t steal it away from him,” she explained.

“My husband went to find it, but he never came back. We found his body near the highway, frozen. We searched for the car, but no one found it in nearby forests. It’s a miracle you found it,” Linda said, wiping her tears. “The authorities said his car likely broke down, and he sought help. He never found help and died on the way. He likely got lost.”

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The only thing the woman could think of while looking at the old pictures was, “Jack, I miss you so much.”

Once she was done going through the stuff, the woman said: “We never had any children, and I don’t have anything to spend on. I don’t need the gold; please keep it. I would like his medals, the photographs, and the jewelry because this is my husband’s family heirloom.”

The Jones family refused to accept the riches, but after persuasion from the lady, they gave in.

Once they had said their goodbyes, though, Justin turned to his father and said, “Dad, Linda’s house looked very old; it almost looked abandoned. Can we fix it?”

The father concurred, and the two decided to renovate Linda’s house first before donating the remaining funds to various charities.

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That day, the Jones family began visiting Linda and inviting her around, and Linda acquired a new family.

The lesson of this story is that no matter how tempted we are, we should always choose the proper course of action since the compassion we extend and the good deeds we carry out always go a long way.

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