How often have you looked at the sky and recognized a shape? The ocean or a dog might have been how the clouds seemed.

Cats, birds, and terrifying monsters can all be visualized with a perfect image.

Sometimes the sign you’re looking for won’t appear as you expect it to.

Driving on Highway 105 west of Montgomery, Texas, Danny Ferraro and his wife Carmen were startled by what they saw as they looked up at the sky.


An angel’s silhouette could be seen as the sun rose and shed light on the clouds. Even the halo appeared to be in the proper place.

Danny took a picture of the clouds as soon as possible and posted it on Facebook, which amazed many people.

He referred to it as the Texas Angel. “On Monday night, we dreaded having to deal with further problems. I immediately observed the cloud formation and the strong sunrays straight ahead of us as we drove west on Highway 105 in Montgomery, and I said to Carmen, “Wow, look at that!” When we both noticed the angle, we concluded everything would be alright.”

Danny Ferraro / Facebook

I sensed that God said, “I’m always with you.” Although I’m not sure how many others saw it, I’m certain everyone who did felt something unique. It only lasted a short while, but I quickly reached for my phone, and the first image I snapped was amazing,” Danny told NBC. Could this cloud formation be a sign? Danny pondered.

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Considering that the couple considers themselves Christians, the beautiful image seemed to be God speaking to him and his wife.

But regardless of what you believe, this image shows that life is a grand journey and that, if we’re fortunate enough, sometimes we can feel those lovely angelic rays on our faces! Wow! What a lovely sight.

It was a sign, in my opinion.

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Danny Ferraro and his wife / Facebook

Do you know?

A Texas driver claims that on Monday, he was in the perfect area and at the perfect time when he saw a cloud resembling an angel drifting over the horizon.

Danny Ferraro, 57, claims he noticed the unusual cloud formation while traveling west on Highway 105 in Montgomery with his wife, Carmen Ferraro.

He claims that he and Carmen were traveling to handle some “problems and were dreading it” as they celebrated their one-month wedding anniversary.

“As soon as I saw the sun’s magnificent beams and the cloud formation just ahead of us, I said to Carmen, “Wow, look at that!” According to Ferraro of Montgomery, “We both saw the angel and thought it signified that everything would be alright. I had the impression that God told me, “I’m always with you. I’m not sure how many other people witnessed it, but I’m sure everyone who did felt something unique.

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The father of seven claims to have taken an “amazing” photo using his phone. On Facebook, he posted the image, and the picture rapidly received more than 1,000 shares.

We arrived at the ideal moment and location, he claims. “I never imagined [the photo] would receive so many likes and comments and bring people solace. To have captured this moment makes me feel really happy and humbled.”

Since the newlywed and Carmen have been dealing with trying circumstances lately, seeing the cloud was a sweet moment for the couple.

He tells people, “We have been dealing with many family concerns since we stepped off the plane from our honeymoon. I’m grateful that God can speak to us in various ways.”

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