His body overheated, and eventually passed out as the young puppy of a pack of dogs climbed the mountain. He is a young German shepherd puppy. Here, a park employee made a valiant attempt to save his life. He goes by Salapek.

While having fun climbing the mountain with his pet parents, the puppy unexpectedly ran into this issue. The puppy could not walk at that point, was lying on the ground, and was having trouble breathing.

A group of hikers came across the distressed, ill puppy and hurried to help, but they were powerless to do anything.


The mountain climbers attempted to give the puppy water, but none was available. They did not have enough water to save the dog’s life or lower his temperature. They met Salapek, which was fortunate for the puppy.

Since Salapek is a mountain ranger, he acted quickly to take the puppy to a stream lower on the mountain after learning of the puppy’s plight.

He began spraying water on the puppy when he got to the stream. Salapek was able to calm down and save the puppy to some extent.

Salapek lifted the large puppy again over his shoulders after cooling him off and continued walking. He disregarded the puppy’s 100-pound weight because the path he was traveling was difficult, rocky, and lengthy. The puppy’s life was what mattered most to him at this point.

Salapek, at last, arrived at the foot of the mountain after a long and exhausting journey. The puppy received the required care and had already survived the traumatic experience.

Now that the puppy is safe at home, Salapek has without a doubt earned the family’s undying gratitude. Few people possess the fortitude and tenacity that Salapek displayed that day on the mountain. We view Salapek as a hero.

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