This Minnesota woman didn’t find the fountain of youth, but she might as well have! She is delighted to be celebrating her hundredth birthday with a new baby in her lap. She shared her great-great granddaughter’s birthday with the centenarian, which was a lucky coincidence for both of them.

Vivian Thomas is a fortunate person. The Lake Crystal homeowner exceeded that milestone by meeting her great-great-granddaughter, whereas many people do not live to see their great-grandchildren.

Vivian turned 100 over the weekend of May 21, 2022. It was impressive that she had reached a significant age, but that wasn’t the highlight of the grandmother’s day.

The Unique Bond of the Pair

Because she got to spend the momentous day with her cherished great-great-granddaughter, Eloise, Vivian’s heart sang. Little Eloise was happy during their combined birthday celebration because she and her grandmother shared the same birthday.


She was gorgeous in a peach romper decorated with rainbows as she turned one. She smiled brightly, and it was clear from her face that she and Grandma Vivian had a special bond.

Many people also wanted to know Vivian’s secret for living such a long life. Her wise words were more straightforward than expected.

The older woman looked gorgeous in a blue top with silver earrings and a floral print. They appeared to belong together, and her hair was styled precisely for the special day.

Creating lifelong memories

In this adorable photograph, the grandmother makes a silly face at little Eloise, who is smiling. Although it seems impossible to imagine, Vivian was born 99 years before the child sat on her lap.

Even though Eloise is too little to appreciate having her great-great-grandmother close by entirely, one day, she will be able to look back on the precious pictures. They will always be a memory for her to cherish.

Many people were interested in Vivian’s secret to her long life. She had more simple advice than I had anticipated. She only urged them to lead healthy lifestyles, saying:

“No smoking, no drinking, and no candy.”

Birthday wishes for Vivian Thomas and baby Eloise. | Source:

Birthday wishes to Vivian Thomas and baby Eloise. | Source:

The online reaction

Vivian got birthday wishes from tens of thousands of web users, many of whom praised her for achieving the milestone. Users also expressed their admiration for Eloise, the child, and praised how lovely their relationship was:

“Isn’t that wonderful?” Happy happy birthday to this lady and her great-great-grandbaby. This baby will never forget [the] special occasion.”

– (Veronica Edwards) May 23, 2022

“Happy birthday, beautiful! Enjoy this special day with your sweet granddaughter!”

– (Anne-Elysabeth Tanizaki) May 23, 2022

“Happy birthday Vivian! And to this precious angel. What a beautiful day to celebrate and enjoy all the families together. [Such] great memories to have. God bless.”

– (Carmen Piccirillo) May 23, 2022

“Happy Birthday to both of you!!! What a great birthday present, spending the time together!”

– (Wendy Retana) May 23, 2022

“Happy 100th birthday to Ms. Vivian, and happy birthday to her great-great-granddaughter! Hope it is the best!”

– (Shirley Newman) May 23, 2022

Birthday wishes for Vivian Thomas and baby Eloise. | Source:

Birthday wishes to Vivian Thomas and baby Eloise. | Source:

Advice from a Second-Generation Centenarian for a Long Life

Not only Vivian but other women have lived to 100 and beyond. In July, Iva Vest of New Mexico also celebrated a fantastic feat. The beautiful family of the great-great-great-grandmother welcomed a new member just one day before she turned 105.

The older woman was dressed in pink from head to toe and looked stunning. She cherished seeing her friends and celebrating her lengthy humankind. She had been given a precious present the day before.

She was honored when her great-great-great-granddaughter, Iva, was born. She would never forget that particular moment! The 105-year-old also offered suggestions to anyone who desired a long life. The message was comparable to Vivian’s. Iva said:

“Try to live a happy life and eat healthily.”

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Elders are invaluable resources of wisdom and affection, and having them nearby is something that money can never replace. What a blessing it is to have grandchildren and grandparents!

May Vivian, Iva, and their loved ones enjoy many happy years. Their families are grateful to have had them for many enchanted years because they are legends.

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