We can bestow upon them the greatest gift by letting them be.

Fortunately, this Lion was saved in time because he didn’t deserve mistreatment. He has spent the last twenty years of his life in captivity with this lion by the name of Mufasa.

Even though he was a formidable mountain lion, he was compelled to travel through Peruvian cities in a rusty truck known as the “Road Circus,” even though he is a formidable mountain lion.

According to Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International (ADI), “It Was Heartbreaking To See Mufasa Chained Among The Circus Equipment, Living On The Back Of A Pickup Truck.”


“A Heavy Harness And Chains Were Wrapped Around His Body, And As We Cut Them Away, He Stretched, Free, For The First Time.”

She Described The Scene As “The Saddest, Wretched Thing That You’ve Ever Seen,” Noting That “It Was Like He Wasn’t Even Alive.”

It is intolerable to feel that way. Animals in captivity have feelings similar to those of their human captors when they are kept in a single place for their lives and forced to carry out unpleasant tasks.

An animal doesn’t need to spend its entire life performing for crowds just because people find it “cool” or “interesting.”

Many animals are kept in cramped quarters as if they were prisoners; they should be allowed to live in the wild with their families and herds, as this is where they belong.

Animal Defenders International managed to save the mountain lion in 2015 in defiance of Mufasa’s reservations. He was discovered when they went to shut down the circus where he had been performing in Peru.

“Mufasa Was Torn From The Wild And Has Endured The Worst Possible Life,” Said Creamer, “His Story Symbolizes The Suffering We Have Ended.”

“It Is Magical To See Him Moving About In And Out Of The Trees In His Piece Of Protected Forest,” Creamer said.

Some animals, including Mufasa, have been saved by ADI, and the organization is committed to working to free all animals used in unauthorized circuses.

Heartwarming to witness Mufasa set free from his bonds and reintegrated into nature, where he belonged. We can only hope that this day will come soon—all creatures ought to be able to live in freedom!

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