Meet Gito. He is a little orangutan that went through a horrific experience early in his life.

It was fortunate that there were trained people to rescue animals nearby who were able to save his life. In 2015, the animal rights organization International Animal Rescue discovered him, but they were unsure whether he was still alive or had passed away. According to The Dodo, his mother was killed by poachers, but little Gito managed to escape unharmed. He was abandoned in the sun’s blistering heat, crammed alone inside a flimsy cardboard box.

When the organization discovered him, practically all the hair on his body had fallen out. Some individuals questioned whether or not he had been mummified.

Gito was found left in a box and suffering from sarcoptic mange Credit: International Animal Rescue/PA Wire.


A prior owner paid $30 for him when they bought him. Although he was just a few months old, he appeared much older.

“We thought he was dead, at first,” International Animal Rescue wrote on their website. “Gito’s arms were folded corpse-like across his tiny body, and he looked almost mummified in his cardboard coffin. Gito had barely any hair; his skin was grey and flaking from sarcoptic mange. The constant itching and pain must have been excruciating.”

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Our team of expert vets is doing all they can to ease Gito’s pain and help him to recover, but we need your help now.

Any donation you make will help us save the life of little Gito and many other orphan orangutans.

Gito, the orangutan, was taken to the closest vet clinic as soon as the staff from the animal rights group could drive him there. He had been hiding in a cardboard box.

It can only be described as a miracle that he got it. The fact that it took the team nine hours to get him to the clinic is evidence of Gito’s power as a fighter.

The vets quickly concluded that he needed a good deal of help. This help included treatment for his severe skin infection and worked to make up for the general lack of care he’d received since he’d been taken from his mother.

Now that he is three years old, it is hard to tell him apart from the ape left in a box to die. This is all because of the wonderful job done by all of the animal heroes involved.

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What a sturdy individual he must be to have won in the end!

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Now his hair has regained its orange color, even if it did take a while. And, thankfully, his skin is once again healthy.

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It is believed that he enjoys a variety of snacks, including fruit as well as other types. Perhaps most importantly, he has finally reached a point where others can love him. He must be taught to conform to the demands of a life in the wild before he can be set free again. Because of this, he is currently engaging in the rehabilitation program that International Animal Rescue offers. Gito currently spends his time in a wooded area with other orphaned orangutans on the verge of reaching adolescence. He will hopefully learn how to live independently in the natural environment there.

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Orangutans in the wild must spend the first six to seven years with their mother. This helps them develop properly and learn how to look for food and climb properly around the trees, amongst other things.

“Animals are suffering and dying because of the systematic destruction of the rainforest, primarily for palm oil production,” Lis Key, communications manager for Bito’s rescue center, told The Dodo.

She is hopeful and believes that little Gito will be ready to return to the wild in a few decades. Until then, he can securely engage with his peers while being monitored closely by the people responsible for his care.

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Not many things get to me as emotionally as reading stories like this. These groups must continue their work in the same manner as they do now since defenseless animals, and mainly young ones, are more vulnerable to harm. We extend our gratitude to everyone who works hard to enhance the lives of animals.

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