In a day about 8 a.m., a submarine appeared from the ground via Mercanti in the heart of Milan, stunning locals as it appeared just a few meters from the Duomo, the city’s cathedral.

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Image Credits: La Repubblica

The captain of the submarine #LF13 lost during the maneuvers apologized profusely for the harm he had done in the early TV interviews.

He also caused a vehicle to crash in the process. People walking by are in awe of what they are seeing.


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Image Credits: La Repubblica

To help secure the area, police and firefighters came.

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Image Credits: La Repubblica

It’s hard to believe, but all of this was a marketing gimmick developed by Milan-based M&C Saatchi for the insurance provider Europe Assistance as part of their Life Park Protection shop launch campaign.

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Image Credits: La Repubblica

Although we don’t know how long the submarine will stay in town, it is amusing to witness such an event in the middle of a major European city.

Image Credits: La Repubblica

Keep via Mercanti in mind if you’re considering visiting Milan soon so you can swing by and see the submarine.

Image Credits: La Repubblica

Do you know?

In Milan’s Piazza Mercanti, the top of a large submarine that appeared to have just risen from the depths has manifested, stunning and perplexing passersby.

The installation is a gigantic shipwreck of rubble with a huge deep-sea voyager protruding from the concrete route.

A smart-for-two automobile is carelessly perched atop the wreckage, appearing caught up in the mayhem and at the wrong place at the wrong moment.

The elaborately staged intervention is a marketing ploy by the advertising firm M&C Saatchi Milano for the Italian insurance company Europe assistance IT as part of their “defend your life” campaign and the opening of the life park protection store.

A “scuba diver” who spoke with design boom at the scene stressed the value of insurance in protecting your things because you never know when an unexpected incident can catch you off guard.

A large-scale performance that simulated the chaotic scene as though it genuinely happened took place as part of the cunning stunt in the wee hours of the morning.

Uncertain of their location or how they got there, performers playing sailors and scuba divers emerged from the semi-surfaced sub in a purported haze.

It is possible to watch the presumably damaged driver of the car getting out of it while acting both furious and confused.

The ruse included a fake hospital staff and police force that arrived at the scene, carried victims away on stretchers, and eventually secured the area from interested onlookers.

The advertising firm M&C Saatchi Milano buried a full-size submarine in the middle of Milan as part of a marketing campaign for the European insurance firms Europe Assistance IT and General. Consider it to be an Allstate Mayhem commercial on steroids.

To help convince onlookers that a submarine had crashed through the roadway, there was even a live performance to accompany it, replete with emergency personnel and a submarine crew.

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