After trying meat for the first time at McDonald’s, a vegetarian suffered anguish.

At Maccies in Corstorphine, Edinburgh, I placed a vegetarian order and received a chicken burger in a veggie wrap. After one bite, the 26-year-old started to cry and throw up.

“I don’t care how much abuse I get,” she wrote in a Twitter post about her displeasure. Since I’ve never eaten meat, I’m terrified after receiving chicken labeled as a veggie burger.

It is hazardous to mislabel food.

“I feel nauseated even after throwing up. I began to sob and felt nauseous, but I was eager to go since I was starving. I understood this wasn’t what I anticipated as soon as I bit into it and swallowed. Since I’ve never eaten meat, the fact that it tasted like flesh did not register.”


It resembled Quorn in several ways. However, it fell short of the veggie deluxe in quality.

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I messaged my lover out of panic. He looked to see if the burger had been modified, but he failed to spot it. “It caused me trauma. I requested the help of her boyfriend, Calum, by calling him to come to pick me up. He was upset with me as well. It’s risky, he declared. If food is mislabeled, it can contain an allergen to which someone is allergic.

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Although eating chicken isn’t common, I could have had a severe allergy and ended up in the hospital. When I didn’t want to cook, I adored McDonald’s veggie deluxe, but after feeling ill the entire night and the following day, I will never eat there again.

We apologize for the error; serving meat with vegetarian orders is unacceptable. We have policies to stop instructions from being given incorrectly, but they weren’t followed in this instance.

Therefore, we’re investigating why. To come up with a solution, I’m in touch with our customer service team.

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A McDonald’s order blunder caused a vegetarian to consume meat for the first time in her life, leaving her “traumatized” and “vomiting.” On June 8, Charlotte Sunshine’s boyfriend placed an order for her at the fast food chain in Edinburgh for a deluxe vegetable meal.

Even though the cardboard box holder said “vegetable deluxe” burger, she realized after one bite that it wasn’t a veggie pattie and that she had eaten chicken. The 26-year-old began to throw up after realizing what had happened and broke down in sobs.

Sunshine claimed to have detected a “Quorn-like” flavor and hastily searched for the meat alternative’s ingredients in her usual meal. The 26-year-old tweeted to McDonald’s to vent her rage, but she wasn’t satisfied with their admission of wrongdoing and complete refund offer.

Her partner drove the two hours round trip to be by her side and offer encouragement. She then asserted that after eating a bite of a chicken burger the following day, she experienced stomach pain.

Sunshine claimed to be over her ailment a few days later, but she called the error “hazardous” and conjectured that she might have been admitted to the hospital with a severe allergy. McDonald’s expressed regret for the “error” and acknowledged that serving meat when a vegetarian product has been requested is unacceptable.

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