After a woman in Santa Fe, Argentina, saw a strange monster with two heads, the internet went crazy. Luján Eroles, 46, was strolling through her courtyard when she spotted this creepy creature. She then yelled at her friends across the room in shock.

The four-inch (10-cm) long, the rough-skinned creature had skin just like a snake, looked like a serpent with two heads, and had two eyes.

The odd monster with two heads (shown) appeared to blink with one eye. Argentina’s Luján Eroles, who found it in her yard, claimed she believed it to be a “mutant animal.”

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Many people mistakenly believed that this bizarre mutant was an Elephant Hawk-moth Caterpillar.

It misleads predators into believing it is more significant than it is, thanks to two prominent “eye-markings” behind the head.

The open countryside, wooded areas, and urban gardens are just a few of the environments where these peculiar-looking critters can be found.

Their name comes from the fact that the caterpillars resemble elephant trunks and grow to be more than three inches (8.5 cm) long.

Ms. Eroles remarked, “It was exactly like a snake, and its eyes were so peculiar—it was like nothing I had ever seen before.” “One of the creature’s eyes appeared to blink.”

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“Fear overcame me when I saw the weird animal when I looked down since I knew it might have been poisonous,” she said.

“We all believed it to be a mutant animal, so we recorded it and uploaded a video for people to comment on.’

Ms. Eroles uploaded the image to her Facebook page to find out what it was.

“I think it’s a deformed creature.” “This world is so old that everything has a chance to change into something different, according to Robert Moore.

“There is no doubt that it is not a caterpillar because it lacks legs,” he said.

Another Facebook user, Fernando Garcia, added, “This may be the head of a viper.”

“an injured snake.” One of the 3,000 commenters on Ms. Eroles’ article, Cheryl Bagley, stated, “He best not walk into the woods.”

Many believe the creature is an Elephant Hawk-moth Caterpillar, distinguished by curved spines resembling horns.

Hawk-Moth Caterpillars can be found in various environments, such as open fields, wooded areas, and urban gardens.

It misleads predators into believing it is larger than it is thanks to two prominent “eye-markings” behind the head.

According to Ms. Eroles, the rough-skinned creature had skin exactly like a snake, was about four inches (10 cm) long, and resembled a serpent with two heads.

“We did a thorough Google search on the subject, and several people told us that it was a caterpillar that would eventually become a butterfly,” Ms. Eroles explained.

“It was in my courtyard because it was consuming vines close to my house and was disguised as a viper to deter predators.”

A caterpillar on a leaf Description automatically generated with medium confidence Elephant Hawk-moth Caterpillars have a maximum length of more than three inches (8.5 cm), hence their common nickname of “elephant trunk” caterpillars.

There are many different settings where hawk-moth caterpillars can be found, such as open fields, wooded areas, and urban gardens.

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