Homeless Raimundo Arrudo Sobrinho resided on the streets for 35 years. He tried to write poetry and short stories throughout the day, but no one ever read what he had to say.

Raimundo kept on writing every single day. He shared the desire of many poets and writers that one day his works would be read worldwide, but who wants to take a chance on a destitute dreamer? There aren’t many.

However, when he met Shalla, Raimundo’s life was permanently altered in the spring of 2011.

Shalla couldn’t help but be interested in the vagrant Raimundo, who always sat with a pen. He was writing stuff down on used sheets of paper every time she walked by.

Raimundo, at last, gave Shalla one of his poems one day. She started a Facebook page to share the man’s talent with the world since his amazing talent moved her.


Neither Raimundo nor Shalla could have predicted the outcome.

An unexpected figure emerged from the shadows when his poetry and storytelling were made public.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

77-year-old Raimundo has been homeless on Brazil’s streets for a long time.

He moved to the metropolis of So Paulo when he was 23, despite being born in a rural area. He had two jobs there: bookseller and gardener.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

But when the military dictatorship that troubled the nation in the late 1970s began, Raimundo found himself without a place to live.

Despite spending 35 years on the streets, he continued producing poetry and short stories. Outsiders were unaware of his work, but he was unafraid of that.

Even though it was difficult to survive on the streets, Raimundo used black bags as clothing and “lived” near a busy road; he had one genuine interest.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

Passersby had no idea why Raimundo sat in the same spot daily, fixated on his scrunched-up bits of paper.

People passing by assumed he was just a disheveled old man who had run into trouble and had no interest in helping himself.

Screenshot: Vimeo

Raimundo continued to write despite this, thinking that his work might someday be published.

Then, in 2011, he made friends with a young woman named Shalla Monteiro.

He eventually agreed to share some of his poetry with her after she continued speaking with him daily for a while.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

Shalla was awestruck by the work, so much so that she started a Facebook page to share it with the world.

A surge of support swept over Raimundo as soon as his article appeared online. Locals sought him out, gave him generous gifts, and offered supportive remarks.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

As time passed, Raimundo’s Facebook profile expanded, eventually gaining 100,000 new fans.

But the fame was only a small portion of the whole. When Raimundo’s face appeared on Facebook, a special individual recognized him. It was his brother who was missing.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

Raimundo immediately received a call from the brother, inviting him to move into his home. What good fortune to be reunited with one another after such a long time apart!

Raimundo had the opportunity to bathe, shave, and groom himself for the first time in an amazing 35 years.

Today, Raimundo has a home and feels cozy whenever he sleeps. What may be achieved with a simple action is simply amazing.

Shalla and Raimundo are still close.

Facebook / Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho

An award-winning documentary called “The Conditioned” chronicles Raimundo’s inspiring rise from poverty to wealth.


Of course, there are homeless individuals living on the streets worldwide.

There are people, like you and me, who are resigned to lives filled with dirt, starvation, and cold, frequently due to circumstances beyond their control.

Since they are also people, they have the same hopes, aspirations, and talents as everyone else.

We can only demonstrate our concern by offering assistance when needed. Shalla, thank you for demonstrating the power of a little compassion. We hope it eventually starts a domino effect that keeps using positive force to transform people’s lives.

You never know how a good deed might affect someone else’s life. Be kind because you might run into an angel.

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