The founder of 12ish Style and Megababe, Katie Sturino, has succeeded in recreating star looks to show that it is possible to have celebrity style at any size.

Is it possible for a business to change its culture? 

Katie Sturino, thank you. She isn’t afraid to say that she wants you to love your body. In truth, Katie has long supported body positivity and size inclusivity, and she uses great marketing and probing copywriting to achieve her goals.

As an example? Megababe Beauty provides nontoxic products that control and make butt pimples, boob sweat, and thigh chafes amusing to discuss.


Katie created the viral campaigns #MakeMySize and #SuperSizeTheLook. These have created a cultural movement that has inspired some fashion designers to start making clothing for various body types. Katie’s hugely popular fashion blog, the 12ish Style, features runway-inspired designs for ladies sized 12 and up. And if that weren’t enough, her podcast, Boob Sweat, uses comedy and compassion to address various taboo topics.

Businesswoman Katie Sturino promotes body positivity. Two of her projects, make My Size and Supersize The Look, have achieved great popularity and gone viral on social media. Here are some photos from her most recent work, “Supersize The Look.”

To “introduce females like her to more size-inclusive fashion and to share her tips and techniques on how to get dressed while being large,” Katie started the blog The 12ish Style. Thousands of people worldwide were inspired by her soul, and it appears that Katie has no plans to slow down soon.

By recreating celebrity street-style looks in her content series, she shows that anyone can pull off these street-style looks because size is only a number. She recently posted on Instagram, “It’s never about who wore it better because that mindset keeps us down.” Please scroll down to view some of her images that promote body positivity and acceptance.

Celebrities have made it easy for body shamers to pick on them. It appears to be an essential part of the cost they incur for having the courage to live in the light. Does that, however, make it right? Okay, no.

The standards we set for the elite directly affect our health and sense of self-worth, as anyone who has ever felt their stomach drop into their throat as they watched a buddy fat-shame a celebrity will know. What do you think I am if you think they are fat?

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#1 Katie Holmes

#2 Olivia Wilde

#3 Nina Dobrev

#4 Hailey Bieber

#5 Karlie Kloss

#6 Sophia Bush

#7 Kate Middleton

#8 Kaia Gerber

#9 Olivia Holt

#10 Zoë Kravitz

#11 Sofia Richie

#12 Kourtney Kardashian

#13 Gwyneth Paltrow

#14 Vanessa Hudgens

#15 Tia Mowry

#16 Christina Najjar

#17 Benito Skinner

#18 Meghan Markle

#19 Sara Foster

#20 Meryl Streep




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