Claire Koch, age 5, has two deaf parents, so she surprised them by signing the song words for them at her school’s Christmas show. Feel a warm sensation circulating through your chest. Your heart warms at it. Or you’re burning up. Please verify both circumstances again.

Since Claire’s native language is American Sign Language, she signed the performance so her parents could see it, too. The rest of the class utilized holiday hand gestures to express Santa Claus, Rudolph, and dreidels. All we want to do for the remainder of the Christmas season is watch Claire sign “Santa Is His Name-O” because it is so adorable, and all those other kids fade into the background.

This little girl stood out among her classmates, who were all waving in time with the music. She appeared to be doing something a little unusual. The cute lyrics of the Christmas song were audible to all the other parents, but these parents took a little different enjoyment from it.

She studied sign language to communicate with her deaf parents as a child. She undoubtedly made her parents proud, whether or not they asked her to sign.

Look at the clarity of her singing and the wonderful facial expressions accompanying it. She is adorable and skilled! The Internet seems to concur. The video has already received over 10 million views; a celebrity is on the rise!


She is self-assured to walk up there with her peers and sign along while they perform a separate task. She performed for her parents so they could appreciate the show as much as everyone else.

Observing such moments as parents are lovely, but I’m sure this was much more so for her family. God bless her joyful little heart! Continue making the world more welcoming for your parents; we might all learn from you!

This film features a little girl who is the daughter of two deaf parents. She chose to sign all the songs at her kindergarten Christmas show so her parents could enjoy everything. Observe as she performs festive tunes with lively facial expressions and sign language. This certainly brought a grin to my face!

This little girl seemed to be doing something different in the middle of a sea of her classmates gesturing along to the song. While all the other parents could hear the adorable words of the Christmas tune, these parents enjoyed it a little bit differently. As a kid of deaf parents, she has probably grown up learning sign language to communicate with them. And whether her parents requested her to sign or not, she made them proud!

Look at how well she signs and how cute her facial expressions match. She’s too skilled and adorable! The web seems to concur. Over 10 million people have already watched the video, making it a future star!

She is so self-assured that she can stand there with her friends and sing along as they do entirely other activities. She put on a show for her parents so they could appreciate it just as much as the rest of the audience.

Though their parents find seeing these moments quite extraordinary, I’m sure her family finds them even more. God bless her tiny, joyful heart! Please continue to help your parents feel more included in the world; we may all benefit from your actions!

And Moses answered to the LORD, “O my LORD, I have never been eloquent, not in the past nor since you spoke to your servant; I am slow of speech and tongue.” And the LORD answered to him, Who formed the tongue of man? Or who creates the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Not have I the LORD? Therefore, go, and I will be with your lips to instruct you on what to say.

Christmas carols are intended for everyone’s enjoyment. They are significant to parents when their young children play them in a Christmas concert. However, it might be a disadvantage for deaf parents. Claire’s performance at age five should still be heartwarming to them.

This tale is over a decade old at this point. Claire Koch and the rest of her class sang Christmas carols together in 2013. It was the kindergarten Christmas concert at Plumb Elementary School. Claire’s parents, though, were both deaf. The youngster ensured that her parents did not miss out as a result.

Lori Putney Koch, Claire’s mother, was a business analyst at ZVRS, a provider of video relay services. Tom, Claire’s father, had a SCUBA operation. They were both deaf. Their children, Claire and Charlotte, the younger ones, did not have any hearing issues.

However, the two had been exposed to American Sign Language from childhood. Lori had revealed that their home’s primary language was sign language in a statement TODAY.

Claire used that effectively during the holiday concert. She may be seen singing along with her classmates in a video her pleased mother took. Claire (the blonde-haired youngster in the middle) gazed at her parents while describing the song’s words in sign language.



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