Baby Henry was finally able to return home cancer-free after two arduous years. The team at Erlanger’s Children’s Hospital hailed his victory against cancer.

Growing up presents children with various difficulties, but it also helps them become more resilient and future-ready. When Henry’s cancer was discovered, he was just three years old. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, at The Children’s Hospital in Erlanger, he received a leukemia diagnosis and began receiving treatment.

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Henry endured 42 rounds of chemotherapy and a total of 865 days of treatment before being given the all-clear to return home healthy and joyful. Henry fought bravely throughout this time.


The Little Wishes team planned a surprise for baby Henry before he finally left the hospital to honor his victory over cancer and his spirit in overcoming it with all of his power.

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The entire crew celebrated Henry’s safe and sound return home. Henry was cheering and leaping around as the hospital staff sang for him in the viral footage of the celebration. The film also featured a touching scene in which Henry’s mother was choking back tears as she watched her young son dance about happiness and health after the hardships he endured for over two years.

The team sang a special song for Henry to the tune of “Happy Birthday,” saying, “No more chemo for you, no more chemo for you,” and they showered him with gold confetti. Henry danced amid the confetti and afterward assisted the medical personnel in tidying up the happy smear.

Image Source: Facebook| Little Wishes Page

Image Source: Facebook| Little Wishes Page

The YouTube video of little Henry wearing a shirt that read “Cancer-Free” moved many to tears. On May 27, 2022, the popular video was shared online.

Henry may be seen in the video standing next to a sign that says, “SURVIVOR.” During the mini-celebration, Henry took pictures with his physicians and other hospital staff members on his special day.

Image Source: Facebook| Little Wishes Page

Image Source: Facebook| Little Wishes Page

In a tweet, CBS News praised Henry for reaching this milestone. Henry’s mother is in tears since he is cancer-free after 42 rounds of chemotherapy, 23 blood transfusions, and 865 days of fighting leukemia, according to the page that shared the famous video.

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Henry and his family have had long, exhausting days, but now they are happy and healthy. One of the most challenging battles to overcome is childhood cancer, but kids like Henry persevere and triumph bravely in their battle against the disease.

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Seeing a child jump for excitement when told that his chemotherapy is finished and cancer-free is a unique sight. A group of hospital employees enjoyed an elegant view of it. Two years ago, Henry received a leukemia diagnosis. Instead of just telling the youngster, the healthcare personnel sang it to him.

The lovely video of the young child giggling and dancing around has become very popular online. The boy’s mother watched in tears as the team sang “No more chemo for you, no more chemo for you” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” The medical staff sang the song to Henry as he sat clutching a yellow ornament beneath the “cancer-free” joyful bell.

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